Why Leave Your Comfy Home to Work Remotely in Shared Office Space?

shared office space
A recent Yahoo Finance – Harris Poll found that around 40% of Americans surveyed are still working from home. The pandemic has gone on for almost six months now with no end in sight. It’s reasonable to think that working from home is now the new norm for the indefinite future.

What does that mean for the average office worker or entrepreneur who now finds themselves working from their dining room table or living room couch on their laptop?

Well, a newfound sense of freedom, for starters. There are many benefits that people get when they work from home.

  • Wear whatever you want.
  • Sneak out for a few minutes to pick the kids up from school.
  • Listen to your music as long (and loud) as you want.
  • The comfort of your own home.

However, there are also more than a few downsides that many at-home workers are reporting. Read on to learn more about the genuine downsides of working from home and why you should consider getting shared office space.


Almost everyone who hops on a video chat for work from their dining room table or living room couch has experienced an interruption or two.

  • Lawnmower guys making so much noise that they sound like a heavy metal band from the 1980s.
  • Kids yelling and screaming
  • Kitty cats and Fido jumping up on the table or lying down on your keyboard.

These types of interruptions are honestly to be expected. You’re trying to repurpose your comfy home into a space that will allow you to perform an 8-hour workday. At the very beginning of the pandemic, these distractions were cute and funny.

Nowadays, they’re just a bother. Many stay-at-home workers report that it’s taking them even longer to do their work due to the natural distractions that occur in their homes.

Imagine how you would have felt one year ago (before the pandemic) if someone brought their 2-year old kids into the office, and they started running around, screaming, and knocking things over.

It gets real old, real quick.

Tech Gremlins

Think back to when you were last working from the office.

Can you remember specific times when the office printer refused to print, internet coverage was spotty, or you couldn’t connect to the company server?

Tech gremlins rear their ugly little heads all the time—but you probably didn’t notice it as much because your company had a Rock Star internal IT team who worked triple overtime to make sure that everything electronic worked—and when problems did arise, they solved it quickly.

Now that you’re working from home, those IT guys are a long way away—who’s going to help you when your printer goes on the lam? Or when you can’t figure out why your internet seems to lag and slow down at a certain time of the day.

Working from a shared office space that’s not only outfitted with the greatest and latest tech, but an internal team of dedicated IT employees has its advantages.

Increased Mental Sanity

 In the first few months of working from home, most people thought it was the greatest thing ever. After the initial excitement died down, many realized the cold hard truth: they’re literally living in an office.

Having a bad day for whatever reason? In pre-COVID days, you could simply leave at 4 pm and cool your jets and calm down as you drive home to your sanctuary. When you work from home, there’s really no way to detach work life from living space.

Most experts advise that you set aside a particular room in your house to do your daily work—and hold the same office hours as you did before. However, this isn’t as easy as it seems, and at the end of the day, you’re couped up in the same area you work.

The latest trend for many at-home workers is to get their company to pay for shared office space. This way, they can go into an office, thereby allowing them to separate their home and work life—and that ultimately leads to increased mental sanity and peace of mind.


Working from home isolates you, and that doesn’t offer much in the way of networking or chit-chatting with colleagues. Video and Slack messaging just aren’t the same as having a face-to-face conversation with another human being.

Loneliness is one of the top negative things that stay-at-home workers are reporting experiencing. Shared office space can alleviate those lonely feelings and provide you with the human contact that’s absent when you work from home.

Office Space for Remote Workers

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