What is a Data Center and Do I Need One?

do you need a data centerEven if you’re a small business in growth mode, a data center can be the ideal option to include in your forward-thinking IT strategy.

IT solutions today can either catapult a business to compete or hold it back into oblivion. A solid strategy for your technology infrastructure should be a concern for all businesses — large and small. Without a plan to be prepared for future data and computing needs, an organization will simply be unable to respond to the ever-changing demands or be ready to assume new opportunities.

Most small companies are not prepared to lay out the initial cost of building and maintaining their own onsite data center. And that’s just the beginning. The maintenance, monitoring, and cooling equipment adds huge amounts to the total cost of ownership.

That’s where the answer to the question, “Do I need a data center?” comes in.

For the up-and-comers, a data center can be the ideal answer to IT infrastructure needs. Data centers can provide the most cost-effective IT solution for fast scalability and effectiveness.

Storing the volumes of data that is generated every year (and with a staggering pace) makes us wonder where it all can possibly be stored. More and more companies are using internet of things (IoT) devices and edge computing strategies to the extent that data collection will be an ongoing challenge.

There’s business-critical data, customer-facing data, data gathered by IoT devices, and irrelevant noise, all of which must be sorted. Some for immediate use. Some for later use or analysis. Legal requirements mean some data must be stored for a defined period of time before being deleted. Sufficient data storage is simply a must-have.

VAZATA operates enterprise quality data centers designed for mission-critical colocation, managed cloud hosting and cloud computing services in key cities across the US. Our facilities are developed by leaders in the data center construction industry and built to the most up-to-date specifications.

With VAZATA you’ll not only get leading edge data center facilities and services, but also have access to:

In the long run, a VAZATA data center presents a cost-effective solution that allows you more time to think about how to use your IT infrastructure to drive your business rather than how to implement the technology you need to grow.

Partnering with VAZATA gives you the flexibility to adapt to changing demands and maximize your existing resources to successfully compete in a crowded, ever-demanding market. Contact VAZATA to get started.