Why Do Many Companies Have Problems with Cybersecurity?

Robust cybersecurity is the surest way forward if you want to avoid the hazards of cybercrime.


All too often the headlines tell the story of another company hit by the inadequacies of their cybersecurity. The average time to detect a breach is 197 days, and the average time to address a cyberthreat is 69 days. Companies that contained a breach within 30 days saved $1M more than those who did not*.

So how is it that so many organizations have vulnerabilities in their network security and why do data breaches occur so randomly and so often?

Perhaps the lack of comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity is part of the problem. After all, cybersecurity is not without complexities, especially in the hands of underqualified gatekeepers. Some of the most commonly misunderstood problems of cybersecurity are important things to understand.

Cybersecurity Complexity

Security is a demanding business and rounding up the sensitive data that exists in a company is a big job to start with. Just trying to establish the extent of data, equipment, and personnel can really bog down a company. Factor in a security staff that is short-handed or poorly qualified and you’re off to a bad start.

Cybersecurity Not a Priority

Although a lot of progress has been made in the last several years, there are still corporate executives who often believe they are safe from hacks. They are unclear how a data breach would impact their brand and revenue. Without compelling evidence to prove they are in danger, the wait-and-see approach is often taken.

Cybersecurity Know-How

Skilled, proven security experts are must-haves in cybersecurity. It takes talent with the aptitude and breadth of knowledge to successfully manage a cybersecurity team. When budget takes priority over experience, many companies seek lower level candidates they hope to groom into high level contributors. At some point that can work, but not from the onset. Cybersecurity management needs strong aptitude and understanding of the security complexities from day one.

Cybersecurity Demands Planning and Preparedness

There is no short cut to take when it comes to cybersecurity. It’s much more than a hurried checklist to run through periodically. Poor planning only reaps poor results.

Cybersecurity Requires Cutting Edge Security Tools

There are formidable adversaries out there, many of which are even organized crime and state sponsored crime rings. You simply cannot defeat the malware and other crimeware that keep evolving, unless you have the latest cybersecurity tools and technology to defeat the bad guys.

VAZATA offers a best-in-class cybersecurity product called  Cybernetic Cybersecurity. Cutting-edge analytics and artificial intelligence will monitor and protect your organization. It’s a comprehensive platform that’s easy to implement without sacrificing security. VAZATA Cybersecurity Monitoring is a cloud-native, streaming data analytics platform that includes a fully managed SIEM and a team of experts to decipher and remediate alerts, whether your systems are on-premises, in the cloud, or both.

VAZATA’s Cybernetic Cybersecurity Suite of Products

  • Email Protection
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Network Security Monitoring
  • Log Security Monitoring
  • O365 Security Monitoring
  • Security Light Bundle

There are many moving parts when it comes to keeping your business secure. VAZATA has the know-how and technologies to pull all the pieces together, so you don’t have to. Contact us soon.

*Source: 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study: Global Overview