MSP Cybersecurity: Play the Game Offensively, Not Defensively.

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Tackle the security risks before they take down your business and your customers.

MSPs have an exceptionally tough time battling cybercrime. They must keep their own business safe while also ensuring failsafe security for their clients. And let’s not forgot the obstacles that COVID-19 has caused; working-at-home being one of them.

The pandemic has created a somewhat disjointed workforce and too often a sense of complacency can slip into unproductive patterns when working remotely. COVID-19 has made us look at cybersecurity in much the same way we view disaster occurrences. Also, the elevated rise in ransomware, malware, and phishing is evidence of cybercrime’s aggression since the onset of the pandemic.

MSPs are vulnerable targets for cyber bad guys because the culprits know once they have access to the MSP, they are that much closer to a wealth of client business data. When work is left open in firewall, for instance, a data breech is more likely. Working offsite using VPN can create another active target for cybercrime.

Generally speaking, cybersecurity is about risk management and if you are spending more money than necessary to manage the risk, then you’re being inefficient. Here are some key points to protect your MSP network while automatically protecting your clients.

Be Cloud Ready

A cloud-based, customized solution will ensure that your needs are met while also accommodating your future growth. A Cloud Readiness Assessment of your current IT infrastructure can be conducted by VAZATA to make recommendations on which cloud platform to use, as well as, provide a turnkey solution from concept to the cloud.

Be on the Offense

The best way to deal with malware, ransomware, and phishing is to take them on offensively. These days, malware can mutate by the hour, making prevention that much more challenging. VAZATA offers an Endpoint Protection solution using a streaming-data analytics platform. It combines the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to block malware infections with additional security controls which help prevent ransomware and safeguard against script-based, file-less, memory, and external device-based attacks.

Be Email Secure

A vast majority of cybersecurity incidents occur from emails and phishing is the worst. Fortunately, there are several ways to protect against phishing. Office 365 has advanced email protection built in that can automatically flag many malicious emails and warn you about potential phishing attempts. Also, VAZATA offers Email Protection in a cloud-based solution to block spam, malware, phishing, and such. This solution catches everything by utilizing computer vision, AI, and machine learning. It adds an important layer of security to every inbox.

Be Smart

Employee and end-user training is critical to maintain a culture of cybersecurity compliance and responsibility. Knowledgeable, trained employees who understand the risks of poorly managed cybersecurity are a safeguard to any organization.

The solution for a comprehensive platform that is easy for businesses to implement without sacrificing security is the VAZATA Cybersecurity Monitoring. Using a combination of best-in-class technology, cutting-edge analytics, and artificial intelligence to monitor and protect, this cybersecurity monitoring system is a cloud-native, streaming data analytics platform. It includes a fully managed SIEM and a team of experts to decipher and remediate alerts, whether your systems are on-premises, in the cloud, or both.

Contact VAZATA today! Why wait when you can take the offensive and be prepared.