While You’re Having Fun at the Holiday Office Party, Who’s Having Fun with Your Data?

CybersecurityYou’ll enjoy the holiday fun more if you’re confident your business data is secure.

Everyone looks forward to the camaraderie and celebrations that come with the holiday season, and the traditional office party ranks high on the list. But are the crucial steps being taken to insure your company’s data is safe and secure from cyber criminals while you’re reveling at the office shindig?

A new report predicts online data theft for the 2019 holiday season will be higher than usual largely because there is a lack of deployed client-side security measures. The widespread vulnerability is due to integrations that enable and enhance website functionality. Such integrations, which exist on nearly every current website operating today, allow cybercriminals to target priority information.

Losing the trust of your clients is a major loss not so easily regained and it can happen easily when data breaches occur. Consider that the average website relies on more than 30 3rd-party integrations. This provides almost two-thirds of the content customers view on their browsers. If this content is delivered via client-side connections lacking effective security controls, data security is at high risk.

Although website owners attempt to deploy security measures, only a mere two percent succeed in deploying effective policies capable of preventing client-side attacks.

Website security is one of the most overlooked aspects of preparing for the holidays. Research shows that internet fraud during the holidays increases 30 percent when compared to other times of the year.

Who are these culprits that wreak cybercrime havoc, at the holidays or anytime for that matter? How do you identify a hacker?

Many people have misconceptions about hackers. They think of them as young people just fooling around or the more stereotypical individual in a hoodie hacking away in some clandestine basement at night. Other than the fact that a lot of hackers are up late at night, that stereotype is inaccurate.

Hackers can be found in organized crime groups and they are people who go to work each day, just like you and me, hacking consumers and stealing business data. They make money because hacking is big business. Knowing this, you hopefully will feel inspired to ensure better cybersecurity, not just around the holidays. but year round.

So, what’s the solution for reliable cybersecurity?

We take cybersecurity very seriously at VAZATA. Our Cybersecurity Monitoring uses a combination of best-in-class technology, cutting-edge analytics, and artificial intelligence to monitor and protect organizations. It’s easy for businesses to implement without sacrificing security. The cloud-native, streaming data analytics platform includes a fully managed SIEM and a team of experts to decipher and remediate alerts, whether your systems are on-premises, in the cloud, or both.

We will monitor your network in real time 24/7/365 with services that include intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, and security log correlation and collection. Additional layers of security to protect your email and defend your desktops and other devices are also available. Our managed platform allows you to move forward with your business while we focus on your cybersecurity, keeping your business safe all year round.