VAZATA’s Proven Resources are a Gift Any Tech Team Would Love

Reward the people who do the work each day to make your company thrive and grow. and you’ll experience the long-lasting value of happier employees.

best employee giftWhat better way to say “Thank you, we appreciate your hard work” than to give your staff a holiday gift that will keep on giving all year long and beyond?  Providing them with the proven tools and resources from VAZATA will not only make them feel appreciated, it will also make them more motivated and efficient.

One of the biggest challenges these days is cybersecurity. Your tech teams are at the forefront of battling some very slippery cyber criminals. VAZATA’s Cybernetic Cybersecurity is a gem for standing ready to protect and serve.

Using a combination of best-in-class technology, cutting-edge analytics, and artificial intelligence to monitor and protect organizations, Cybernetic is a comprehensive platform that is easy for businesses to implement without sacrificing security.

VAZATA Cybersecurity Monitoring is a cloud-native, streaming data analytics platform that includes a fully managed SIEM and a team of experts to decipher and remediate alerts, whether your systems are on-premises, in the cloud, or both.

Cybernetic also provides Endpoint Protection via an integrated threat prevention solution which utilizes a streaming-data analytics platform. The solution, backed by our Operations Center, combines the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to block malware infections with additional security controls which help prevent ransomware and safeguard against script-based, file-less, memory, and external device-based attacks.

And if that’s not enough the Email Protection component catches everything by utilizing computer vision, AI, and machine learning. The cloud-based email security solution blocks spam, malware, and, most importantly, phishing attacks. It adds an important layer of security to every inbox.

Managed MICROSOFT 365

Microsoft 365 is a complete, intelligent solution, including Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, that empowers everyone to be creative and work together, securely.  VAZATA will work with you and your staff to design, configure, migrate and manage your Microsoft 365 solution in a cost effective manner.

As a Certified Microsoft Partner and authorized Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), VAZATA has all the expertise needed to ensure your organization is positioned securely and with the latest Office Applications available.

Team Support

From consulting, to migrations, to operations management, VAZATA’s 24/7 support team based in the US can quickly assess and resolve any unexpected issues you may have. This can be a lifesaver to any IT team.

Secure Managed Cloud environments include server management, monitoring of all devices, and optional desktop support to ensure that your critical business applications are running at peak performance and availability. Any tech team knows the value of having backup support for these functions.

Invest in the efficiency and happiness of your staff by giving them access to the valuable resources that only VAZATA can provide. Then look forward to many more productive, efficient, new years to come.