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McKinney office space|McKinney office space
Welcome to the “new norm” where remote work has gone from a luxury to a necessity. Working from home presents a wealth of problems that can easily be solved by renting office space in McKinney, Texas.

Are you relocating to North Texas from out of state? Is your new job bringing you to the Dallas area? Maybe you’re feeling growing pains, just enough to find the best fit for your entrepreneurial endeavors. Or perhaps you’ve had the cruel misfortune to be part of a corporate downsizing crunch, leaving you out on your own. How about the ideal co-working space?

Whatever the reason, you should take a serious, up-close look at VAZATA Workspaces office space. Because McKinney is the county seat of Collin County and located in the heart of many solid businesses, it has great appeal for new ventures. Our McKinney office space, in particular, is getting plenty of buzz.

VAZATA Workspaces offers so much more than just office space. One of the advantages of becoming a VAZATA Workspaces tenant is having access to conference and training facilities, spaces for special events, and a thriving co-working environment.

Some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy:

  • Printing Room with two 3D Printers
  • White Board, Video Conference Capabilities
  • On-site Data Center
  • Fast Wireless Internet
  • Professional Events
  • 24/7 Business Access
  • Front Desk Service
  • 3 Large Conference Rooms
  • Training / Coaching Room
  • Modern Kitchen and Hospitality Items
  • Open Floor Plan with Natural Lighting

McKinney office space is a no-brainer if you think VAZATA Workspaces. And McKinney itself is a burgeoning community with a rich and diverse history. Modern-day McKinney offers not only an upscale lifestyle but also an exceptional business environment.

The economy is distinct and has a compelling mix of industry, including the tech-centric offerings of VAZATA Workspaces. VAZATA is a shining example of how the high-tech, modern workspace has evolved to support businesses and entrepreneurs that need flexible working environments.

Before you decide on office space, come by VAZATA Workspaces for a tour! Seeing truly is believing. Besides, we love meeting people and sharing the incredible 25,000 square feet of McKinney office space that serves businesses of all sizes.

The guys who founded VAZATA Workspaces have set up comprehensive advisory services that are available to tenants, as well as access to dedicated third-party providers in all areas of operations.

Plus, these business experts have experience raising capital, compliance, and the understanding of what it takes to start a business in Texas is a value-added feature you won’t find everywhere. These services encompass legal, accounting, sales, and marketing. Making these services available in one location helps support small business growth and development.

As a VAZATA Workspaces tenant, you’ll gain many more unexpected benefits that can help you network and grow your business:


As social distancing policies permit, you’ll be working alongside other like-minded business owners and professionals. Many new networking opportunities will present themselves as you become a familiar face in the Tech Culture offices.

People who are new to remote working have found that working from home has caused them to slack a bit as they work at their own leisure. There is an unspoken vibe that exists when you’re working around other professionals—which makes for a great motivating factor and causes people to perform at their very best.

The Tech and Tools You Need to Succeed

VAZATA Workspaces isn’t like your average office space that’s comprised of row after row of generic cubicles that’s situated behind an unwelcoming front desk. We built our offices with your success in mind—we provide you with the technology and tools that you need to succeed.

There are multiple programs, experts, and services that are made available and will help your business grows and expand. Our 5000 square feet of raised floor tier II data center space can help reduce the costs of having to buy and maintain your own server equipment as well as provide the utmost in security and backup protection.

A Professional Image

It’s essential to build, keep, and maintain your professional image. You won’t have the same distractions as you would working from home, such as barking dogs, ringing doorbells, or the gardener running his leaf blower at 100 decibels.

In addition to the dedicated professional mailing address, you can confidently meet with clients and prospects in our state-of-the-art conference room that has all the technology you need to conduct a successful business meeting.

A professional image is especially important when you’re a 1-person small business. Having your own office not only provides you with the tools you’ll need to succeed but will enhance your image and brand in the eyes of your clients and customer.

Minimize Operating Costs

No matter how big or small your business is, you can significantly reduce your operating expenses at VAZATA Workspaces. You won’t have to call the Geek Squad every time your home office printer goes down, or internet connection starts to become unstable. The kitchen is fully stocked, and you won’t have to worry about an internet bill or extra-large electricity bill that comes from running the A/C in your home office during the hot summer months.

More Motivation

Many remote workers quickly realize that it’s challenging to stay motivated when you’re working from your home couch in your pajamas. Coming into an office that’s filled with other like-minded professionals creates a motivational vibe that will carry you through the day.

Many VAZATA Workspaces tenants have told us that there is a definite “vibe” they feel when working from our offices. It’s an unspoken energy that everyone feeds off of—and allows them to perform at their very best.

Your New Office in McKinney

Don’t miss out! Come by for a tour soon, especially before you sign another lease.

At VAZATA Workspaces, our goal is to provide you with the tools and services you need to help grow your business. We also offer extensive consulting and support services, such as finance, legal, accounting, programming, marketing, and sales. Give us a call at (469) 467-9231 or contact us to schedule a tour to learn more about the value that we can provide to you, your business, and your remote workers.