Are We Headed For A VR World?

virtual reality

By comprehending the extremes of virtual reality, we can better appreciate the realities and benefits of it.

As the entire world adjusts to a ‘changed reality’ due to the coronavirus pandemic, what will life as we know it morph into? Will VR help us deal with change? Will the world demand more high-level VR and AR experiences?

Time will tell, but meanwhile, what the ‘stay-at-home’ experience proved is that escaping the monotony of seclusion has made VR and AR a life-saving, hands-on coping mechanism for people everywhere.

For years video gaming has steadily developed and grown and is now a colossal industry worldwide. The fact that video gaming sales continue to grow, (gaming revenue to top $159B in 2020), is a strong indicator that the ‘stay-at-home’ experience has been a major contributor.

While it might sometimes feel as though we’re living in a dystopian society, it’s certainly not as severe as what the movie, Ready Player One depicts. But the facts suggest that VR is here to stay and will only become even more integrated into our lives in ways that will benefit our real world experiences. Here are some examples.

Virtual Shopping

Perhaps you’re an avid online shopper, but you miss the fun of walking the aisles of stores. Well, virtual reality can give you that. Put on your VR glasses and you will instantly be transported to a virtual shop, which actually is customized for you. There can be a whole aisle of your personal favorite products. You can do all your shopping at a single virtual mall.

Real Estate 

Real estate offers huge opportunities to use VR in home builder design centers, real estate marketplace, applications for home upgrades, interior designing, neighborhood virtual tours, rental websites, and DIY applications. Using VR in real estate can also reduce operational cost and improve quality in leads.

Health Care Industry 

From using VR in surgery to games for improving health, the health care industry benefits in many ways from VR.  The healthcare industry employs virtual reality throughout its various sectors in order to offer a higher quality of care and efficiency to patients and medical professionals alike.

Dangerous Jobs 

Dangerous jobs can benefit from safety training using VR before they step into the real life job. This kind of virtual training method can also help identify those who find they’re ill-suited for the work.

Training To Create VR Content 

Useful VR content can help the average user create informative VR. Using VR itself to help guide people on how to produce usable VR content for their properties, sites, etc. will make it more mainstream.


Integrating VR into education helps to bring any curriculum to life. VR can expose students to things that would not otherwise be possible. From elementary schools to universities to technical schools, VR can be used for training, virtual field trips, game-based learning and more, delivering content for an immersive experience.

Emergency Response 

Emergency situations like natural disasters are difficult to respond to, but emergency responders can benefit from using VR to practice and put themselves in highly stressful situations before they happen. By doing so they can practice remaining calm and focused, saving more lives in real-life situations.

Distraction Simulation 

Distracted driving accidents are a menace and continue to rise. Virtual reality is a way to gain insight into concerns that prove muscle movement changes while texting and driving have devasting effects.

New Hire Training 

With VR, a new team member can practice and prepare without instruction or distracting their more seasoned co-workers resulting increased productivity, faster onboarding and better screening for qualified employees.


Following the same old route when you cycle can be much more exciting Why not take in a scenic French country side or a brilliant scenic village in Iceland. With VR, exercise is more fun and you can go wherever you want to go.

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