Cybersecurity: Today’s Constant Struggle to Keep Data Secure.


It’s the single most important thing you can do for your organization — now, not later.

The recent breach of many government sites is a direct and shocking example of how important cybersecurity and ongoing cyber hygiene are for businesses and consumers.

Sadly, maintaining an ever-watchful eye on cybersecurity at the level required to prevent such attacks is by no means easy. Many companies lack the expertise, and others lack the knowledge to identify what they need to know about protecting data assets. That makes them prime target for data breaches and cyber exploitation.

Companies are tasked with maintaining a thorough real-time knowledge of supply chains — who they bey from and what those companies make. Only then can confidence and resilience be restored. This level of cybersecurity maintenance is essential for national defense as much as business.

The software made by SolarWinds Orion that was in use when the government sites were breached had nearly 20 thousand customers who used the company’s software update in March to June, 2020. This is the time period when the update software was compromised. It’s believed that or all of those customers were probably infected. For anyone using the software then, you should assume that you’ve received the infected update even if you haven’t seen evidence of it. The malware inserted by the Russians was designed to have a delayed start, and yours may not have happened yet. Fortunately, the company has an update that should fix this.

The Cybersecurity Solution

Security is a demanding business and rounding up the sensitive data that exists in a company is a big job to start with. Just trying to establish the extent of data, equipment, and personnel can really bog down a company. Factor in a security staff that is short-handed or poorly qualified and you’re off to a bad start.

Overall, what this recent government breach indicates is the dire need of finding the knowledgeable cybersecurity services to keep your business secure. That’s where VAZATA step in with easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to implement answers.

VAZATA Cybersecurity Monitoring uses a combination of best-in-class technology, cutting-edge analytics, and artificial intelligence to monitor and protect organizations. The solution is a comprehensive platform that is easy for businesses to implement without sacrificing security. VAZATA Cybersecurity Monitoring is a cloud-native, streaming data analytics platform that includes a fully managed SIEM and a team of experts to decipher and remediate alerts, whether your systems are on-premises, in the cloud, or both.

VAZATA monitors your network in real time 24/7/365. Core services include network intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, and security log correlation and collection. Additional layers of security to protect your email and defend your desktops and other devices are also available. This managed platform allows you to focus on what you do best — running your business, while we focus on your cybersecurity and keeping your business safe.

The harsh reality is that there are formidable adversaries out there, many of which are even organized crime and state sponsored crime rings. You simply cannot defeat the malware and other crimeware that keep evolving, unless you have the latest cybersecurity tools and technology to defeat the bad guys.

That’s why you need VAZATA Cybersecurity Monitoring. Contact us soon and let us help you with solutions you need for 2021 and beyond.