Easy Access to Our Data Center is a Client Win for You

on-site data center
You don’t have to enterprise-size to need a reliable, on-hand data center. Visit VAZATA Workspaces and see for yourself.

Managing client data is a big job whether you’re small, medium, or large in your business operations; but it’s so much easier to have hands-on access when you need it. Both you and your client benefit when it comes to needed changes, upgrades, or security intervention.

Disaster recovery and business continuity are two important components to consider when keeping your data secure and running. If there is an event, are you prepared to deal with it? Those things happen often to every sized organization, so saving the time to get the problem resolved and keep things running smoothly is critical.

Plus, if you happen to be looking for new office facilities there’s one way to ensure you are close to all your client’s data and yours, too. VAZATA Workspaces is the answer to both.

You won’t find these options available everywhere. While you may find a doable workspace, the odds of find a high performance data facility nearby are slim.

Technology, Data Delivery, and Productivity all under one roof!

VAZATA Workspaces data center offers benefits you can scale as you need them.

  • 5000 square feet of raised floor datacenter space
  • Locking cabinets available and cage space can be built to suit
  • Redundant cooling, UPS systems
  • Dual 1GB fiber links, AT&T and Spectrum
  • Current work being done on a 10GB dark fiber link to a peering partner in Carrollton with plans to have it in place by Q1 2021
  • 24/7 badge access
  • Remote hands-on support available

Having your data center at a hands-on location is a major benefit, but if it isn’t your main priority then consider the advantages of the VAZATA Workspaces workspaces. First, the environment wreaks of all things tech. Open, clearly defined space that gives you more options than any traditional office building.

VAZATA Workspaces is more than just a workspace and even more than an easy, access data center. It’s a hub for ideas and innovation. That’s because other techies like you are gravitating to this cool environment where you make new friends and share more than a workplace.

Workspace facilities for your convenience at VAZATA Workspaces include:

  • Printing Room with two 3D Printers
  • White Board, Video Conference Capabilities
  • On-site Data Center
  • Fast Wireless Internet
  • Professional Events
  • 24/7 Business Access
  • Front Desk Service
  • 3 Large Conference Rooms
  • Training Room
  • Modern Kitchen and Hospitality Items
  • Open Floor Plan with Natural Lighting

There’s an energy at VAZATA Workspaces that lets you know there is always something happening. Whether it’s a collective meet and greet, a focus group, or videoconference. It might even be the guy next to you working on the next 3D printing project!

So, you see there’s no reason to wait to come take a tour of VAZATA Workspaces.

It’s all here. All you need to do is take an easy drive on 75-North and find 1720 Bray Central Drive. Come by soon. We’re getting more requests for tours than ever and it would be a shame not to meet you. See you soon!