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The Value and Benefits of VAZATA Colocation Services in DFW

A robust and reliable IT infrastructure is crucial for business success in this day and age. This is why many companies in the DFW area opt for colocation services to enhance security, increase uptime, and save money. Having a scalable infrastructure enables them to focus more on core operations and less on IT management. When[…]

data centers

Harness the Power of Data Centers for Your Business

In today’s fast-paced digital economy, data is indisputably the new oil. It fuels businesses, drives decision-making, and delivers many competitive advantages. To manage this immense data influx, businesses are increasingly turning to data centers.  These unsung heroes of the modern age are not only the backbone of the internet but also the nerve center for[…]

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Discover VAZATA: Your Ultimate Partner for Data Center and Managed Colocation Services

The importance of seamless and secure data center and managed colocation services cannot be overstated. VAZATA, a national data center and managed colocation provider, has established itself as a leader in this space by serving Global 500 businesses, U.S. Federal Government Agencies, and Mid-Market Enterprises.  With a focus on location, convenience, and peace of mind,[…]

email security

Why Email Backup is Crucial to Business Communication and Continuity

Email backup is an essential part of any business infrastructure which means securely saving a copy of data in a separate storage. You may be surprised by this shocking statistic about backups: 60% of backups are Incomplete and 50% of restores fail. For many people, data backup (which includes email) and disaster recovery are not[…]

disaster recovery plan

What Happens Without a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Your entire network or database could be instantly knocked out without a workable disaster recovery plan. If your organization does not have a functioning disaster recovery plan in place, chances are the consequences will be more severe than you might imagine. The National Archives and Records Administration reports that 93 percent of companies experiencing data[…]

do you need a data center

What is a Data Center and Do I Need One?

Even if you’re a small business in growth mode, a data center can be the ideal option to include in your forward-thinking IT strategy. IT solutions today can either catapult a business to compete or hold it back into oblivion. A solid strategy for your technology infrastructure should be a concern for all businesses —[…]


Why Do Many Companies Have Problems with Cybersecurity?

Robust cybersecurity is the surest way forward if you want to avoid the hazards of cybercrime. All too often the headlines tell the story of another company hit by the inadequacies of their cybersecurity. The average time to detect a breach is 197 days, and the average time to address a cyberthreat is 69 days.[…]

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Does Your Data Center Deliver More for Less?

The rapid growth of colocation is demanding a closer look at the bottom line for having your own in-house data center. Data centers are an essential part of most businesses. Either you have an in-house data center or you use a colocation data center. As your company expands, you may be faced with the decision[…]


How VAZATA Colocation Can Benefit Your Business

Compare the multiple advantages of a colocation service to the crushing expense of constructing your own data center and you’ll understand why so many businesses are going “colo”. Colocation or “colo” if you prefer, refers to a data center that is co-located at another locale other than the organization’s home offices. This very popular service[…]