Discover VAZATA: Your Ultimate Partner for Data Center and Managed Colocation Services

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The importance of seamless and secure data center and managed colocation services cannot be overstated. VAZATA, a national data center and managed colocation provider, has established itself as a leader in this space by serving Global 500 businesses, U.S. Federal Government Agencies, and Mid-Market Enterprises. 

With a focus on location, convenience, and peace of mind, VAZATA operates enterprise-quality data centers across the United States, developed by industry leaders and built to the most up-to-date specifications. Read on to learn more as we delve into the features and benefits that make VAZATA the ideal partner for your business’s data center and colocation needs.

State-of-the-Art Data Centers

VAZATA’s colocation data centers boast Tier 3 classification, with some Tier 4 attributes, as classified by The Uptime Institute. This ensures that you receive the best possible performance and reliability for your mission-critical colocation, managed cloud hosting, and cloud computing services. 

In addition to top-notch physical infrastructure, VAZATA offers expert services and support to ensure efficient and effective managed IT services delivery, catering to both your business and your customers.

Security and Compliance

VAZATA understands the importance of security and compliance for your business. Their facilities provide usable SSAE 18 SOC 1 Type 2 audits and work closely with clients on audit and PCI, SOX, HIPAA, and other compliance measures. This commitment to security ensures that your business receives the best value while maintaining compliance with the necessary regulations.

Flexible and Customized Colocation Services

One of VAZATA’s core strengths lies in its flexibility and customization offerings. By understanding your unique business needs and specific IT infrastructure requirements, VAZATA aligns its secure managed hosting services accordingly. 

They also provide access to flexible options, making it easy for you to add capacity as needed. This adaptability ensures that your business is always prepared to handle growth and change.

Unmatched Service Level Agreements

VAZATA offers 100% availability service level agreements (SLA) for power and environmentals and 100% on multi-homed internet connectivity. These guarantees ensure that your business experiences minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

24/7 Security and Support

VAZATA takes security and support seriously, providing 24x7x365 NOC, guarded keycard and biometric access, and closed-circuit TV to the data center. This level of security ensures that your business’s sensitive data and infrastructure remain protected at all times.

Cabinets and Cages

VAZATA offers custom cabinet and cage configurations, custom power configurations, reduced IT infrastructure costs, and floor-to-ceiling and sub-floor cage options. These features provide your business with the flexibility and scalability it needs to thrive in today’s fast-paced market.

Resiliency and Redundancy

With redundant generators and power per cabinet options, VAZATA ensures improved reliability and uptime for your business. They also offer business continuity and disaster recovery options, providing you with peace of mind in the face of unexpected challenges.

Safety and Security

VAZATA’s data centers are compliant with FedRAMP, SSAE18, and HIPAA regulations, ensuring the highest levels of safety and security. In addition, they feature on-site security staff 24×7, fire detection and suppression systems, and keycard, biometric, and CCTV monitoring.

Elevating the Customer Experience

At VAZATA, our foremost priority is the customer experience. This journey commences during the pre-sales stage, continues through implementation and onboarding, and ultimately culminates in life-cycle management. We perceive each phase as an opportunity to surpass both our customers’ expectations and industry benchmarks. 

Our 18-year track record of success as a data center services provider stems from our dedication to forging exceptional relationships with our customers and outperforming our competitors. 

When asked why they chose VAZATA, customers consistently highlight attributes such as flexibility, agility, technical expertise, superior service and support, a relationship-centric approach, security, reliability, and compliance. 

Choosing the Right Data Center and Managed Colocation Provider

In a world where businesses rely heavily on their data and IT infrastructure, choosing the right data center and managed colocation provider is crucial. VAZATA’s state-of-the-art facilities, customized and flexible service offerings, and commitment to security and compliance make them the ideal partner for your business.

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