Why Office Hoteling and Hot-Desking are Trends to Watch

Local, shared, co-working spaces are fast becoming the preference for small and mid-size businesses, foregoing the cost of investing in costly infrastructure.

It’s a trend in technology, hoteling, and business that’s changing the way we work and collaborate. A strong advantage is it also encourages local and community connections.

As work patterns continually evolve adding flexibility and transparency to the work environment, a workplace strategy strengthens both business performance and employee satisfaction.

Cubicles, open office, and virtual workplace were solutions from the past. Today’s trend is more a combination of the following:

  • More flexibility to better utilize workplaces
  • Not being limited by an employee’s location, mobile technology offers on-demand collaboration in real time
  • Choices empower employees to find their workspace that best suits them for productivity and comfort
  • More virtual and face-to-face communication among workforce teams, encouraging knowledge exchange, brainstorming, and sharing
  • Less investment for companies in real estate expenses by consolidating space

VAZATA has long embraced the concept of customized solutions tailored to an ever-changing market. Supporting the growth of technology businesses in McKinney and beyond is just one of those ways.

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