Cloud Computing Trends 2018

Recently, IDG Cloud Computing conducted a designed to assess cloud computing trends among decision-makers in technology. The 2018 study included findings about usage and plans across a variety of cloud services and deployment models, their investment planning for cloud based services, what were their business motivators, and the impact on an organization’s business strategies.

The study revealed that organizations continue to increase cloud investments and advance their cloud environments and a clear to influence these technologies in moving their business forward.

Most Significant Findings of the IDG Study

  • Most organizations (73 percent) have at least one application or part of their computing infrastructure in the cloud already. Another 17 percent have plans to do the same over the next year.
  • Comparing the average cloud budget, they recorded an increase from $1.62 million in 2016 to $2.2 million now. Enterprise organizations are investing $3.5 million, while SMBs are investing $889,000 (up from $286K in 2016).
  • Over one-third, or 38 percent, of respondents to the survey agree that the IT department is feeling the push to move 100 percent to the cloud.
  • There is a mix of cloud delivery models being used by organizations. The average environment is 53 percent non-cloud, 23 percent SaaS, 16 percent IaaS and 9 percent PaaS. IDG projects this to evolve to only 31percent non-cloud over the next 18-months.
  • Forty-two percent of organizations are using multi-cloud. The top two benefits of a multi-cloud strategy are increased cloud options (59 percent) and easier and faster disaster recovery (40 percent).

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