Mutating Malware Makes VAZATA’s Cybernetic a Must

Probably the single most important thing any business can do today is protect itself from the damages caused by vicious, mutating malware and other malicious cyber threats. mutating malware

Before malware became so sophisticated, signature prevention products worked fine. Today the rapidity of mutating malware changes all the rules. Cybernetic from VAZATA has the solution.

VAZATA has been a trusted name for more than two decades for managed hosting, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and cloud managed service, serving Global 1000 businesses, U.S. Federal Government Agencies and Mid-Market Enterprises.

Cybernetic, VAZATA’s latest addition to its armory of innovative products and services comes at a time when efficient cybersecurity is most in demand and most needed.

Because most mission critical IT environments have such stringent security and compliance requirements, the need for effective, affordable security is a must-have not an option.  Cybernetic is a cloud-native, streaming data analytics platform built to deliver highly effective, affordable cybersecurity products for SMBs, delivered by MSPs.

For years previously, it was safe to rely on signature-based protection, the assumption that if the attacks had been seen before, the signature approach was enough. In today’s very real and tumultuous digital environment, rapidly mutating malware multiples the challenges and the degree of damage to new heights.

Cybernetic uses AI, not signatures, to identify and block known and unknown malware on endpoints. Prevention against zero-day threats without a cloud connection, continuously protecting the endpoint without disrupting the end-user.

The smart, streaming data analytics platform of Cybernetic safeguards against script-based, file-less, memory, and external device-based attacks. The automated blocking feature maintains full control of when and where scripts are run within the environment.

As of January 2019, the Center for Internet Security reported malware activity to have increased 61percent from December 2018 to January 2019. The insightful breakdown of each of the top 10 malware provides more detail as to how each one infects different industries.

Recent research reported in Forbes earlier this year states that although significant cybersecurity investments are being made in many areas of business, there has been limited improvement with the largest component in organizational vulnerability: keeping endpoints properly patched and updated. The study further showed that 93 percent of respondents are still experiencing challenges related to not taking necessary action.

The leading range of issues reported for not taking action on this problem ranged from restrictive budget lack of understanding between IT Operations and IT security, and legacy systems.

If you find your organization in one of these situations, perhaps VAZATA can help you in an additional way —  Virtual CIO, a proven, professional service solution to help direct your IT strategy and bridge the gap between Executive Management and the IT team. This helpful bridge provides the confidence of knowing your complex IT decisions are being proficiently addressed and communicated back to your Executive Team.

VAZATA Cybernetic Endpoint Protection protects your business from the next generation of cyber threats and vicious cyberattacks without compromising or slowing down your daily business operations.

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