McKinney, Texas: A History of Thriving, Innovative Business Growth

It’s fascinating to imagine that 150 years ago, McKinney, Texas, was just starting out. Now it looks as though there’s no stopping the growth. 

With a culture historically connected to the pioneering spirit, McKinney, Texas, today stands as a resplendent example of business growth and accomplishment. From the early days of 1841 when settlers first rolled into the area in their covered wagons, to the booming prosperity brought about by the railroad in 1872, McKinney is today a thriving county seat with burgeoning new business growth and technological innovations.

An interesting historical fact to know about McKinney is that both the city and the county were named for Collin McKinney, signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence and a congressman for the Red River District of the Republic of Texas. He was the author of a bill to establish counties in the northern part of the state.

From a rich and diverse history, modern day McKinney offers not only an upscale lifestyle, but also an exceptional business environment. The economy is distinct and has a compelling mix of industry, including the tech-centric offerings of Tech Culture McKinney.

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When you join us, you will share office space with other forward-thinking tenants who love the energy and layout of VAZATA Workspaces. And location is a huge plus since McKinney is so centrally located. You’re just minutes from Dallas, Frisco, Allen, and surrounding cities, as well as easy access to major interstates and tollways.

If you’re thinking growth, innovation, access to what you need to smoothly run and grow your business, come to VAZATA Workspaces and take a tour. Bring a friend and visit colorful downtown McKinney. Grab lunch in one of the fine eateries. See for yourself how McKinney, Texas, is so much more than just a county seat.