Your Data Center is a Vital Digital Foundation that Must Deliver Competitive Scalability, Peak Performance, and Efficient Spend

Just as the foundation of a home is critical to the strength and viability of the structure, so is a data center for the ongoing success of business operations. Reliability is what customers expect with little or no downtime, and only state of the art data management can ensure that. But before you begin building your own data center, consider that colocation is a faster, much less costly way than investing in constructing your own on-site facility.

Colocation delivers the best of both worlds in terms of a highly reliable, physical location of a customized data center and freeing up operational resources to be used more efficiently.

While a data center is a physical IT infrastructure, the Cloud is a computing platform delivering services via the internet from the Cloud provider’s data center. There are pros and cons for each, but the Cloud can offer practically unlimited capacity and scalability, as well as rapid deployment of resources—something that can be costly and difficult to achieve through the deployment of physical infrastructure.

“Most CEOs are very knowledgeable about technology decisions relating to the operation of their business computing requirements. They know that placing their equipment in a data center allows them more focus on the business and operational aspects of IT rather than physical plant operations to maintain the environmental requirements,” noted Lance Black, CEO, VAZATA.

Security, Cybercrime and Disaster Recovery 

Security continues to be top of mind for almost every client today. At VAZATA, we advise customers on the benefits of focusing on their operational environment, but that is not the total solution. What’s needed is robust planning around responses to threats, attacks and breaches with a tried-and-tested security plan. We help our customers work through their exact requirements and help ensure an airtight recovery plan.

Cybercrime is a real and present danger to businesses of all sizes. It is essential that providers have the management, security team, and processes in place to subvert cybercrime. In-depth knowledge of security capabilities and certifications of the data partner is a critical must-have and one that VAZATA readily provides.

What Clients Worry About Most

Access to mission-critical applications and having the security and availability needed is the single largest worry most clients’ have. That simply means that VAZATA stands ready at all times to provide fully functional backups, recovery, restoration testing, and adequate redundancy of personnel and physical resources which all funnel into this concern. By leveraging a good data center provider and the managed services, skills, and security that go along with it, business leaders can be more confident of smooth running operations.