Discover the Future of Co-working at WorkSpaces by VAZATA

WorkSpaces, formerly known as TechCulture, is redefining the co-working landscape in McKinney, Texas. Boasting an impressive 70,000 square feet of state-of-the-art office space, this innovative co-working environment can accommodate individuals, remote workers, and small to midsize businesses seeking a technological edge.  Let’s dive deeper into what makes WorkSpaces such a unique and innovative co-working space.[…]

5 Questions About Your Current Dallas Area Office Space

Be brutally honest with yourself when you answer these five questions and you may gain a new perspective about your office space. Not too many years ago, working remotely was much more uncommon than it is today. Although, even before the pandemic, many people and business groups were experiencing the benefits of working offsite, it[…]

Different, Smart Ways People and Companies Use Coworking Spaces

The hybrid workplace is being embraced by individuals and businesses worldwide, with coworking spaces representing a big piece of the pie. Coworking spaces were rapidly rising in popularity even before the pandemic, and now, as conditions have improved, transitioning into the ‘new normal’ has given new impetus to coworking popularity and the birth of the[…]

5 Tips to Retain Your Sanity When Working From Home

Enjoy the advantages of working remotely without losing your mind and your self-discipline. Navigating the work-home challenges created by the pandemic still linger for many people. Spending too much time with the kids and/or significant others can be testy at best. To keep your sanity and stay on task, there must be some ground rules.[…]

How Remote Work and Office Work Have Created the Hybrid Workplace

After living and working through an unprecedented shift in the work paradigm, where are we now? Truly a year of living dangerously, 2020, brought shock and awe in a brutal way that nobody could have foreseen. So as we gradually adapt or readapt to the business of business, where do we stand? Is remote working[…]

How to Keep Your Business Running During a Disaster

Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst is a harsh lesson learned and lived for many in February 2021. The breakdown of the Polar vortex causing frigid snow, ice, and bitter single-digit temperatures that hit Texas and many other states so hard in February 2021, jolted thousands of people into the reality for[…]

Is it Time to Make the Leap from Home Office to Coworking Space?

If you’re tired of feeling like your business is suffering because working from home isn’t hitting the mark, it might be time for some open space of your own. Working remotely from your ‘home office’ has its advantages, but aside from the obvious conveniences, less driving, and fewer concerns about dress code, there are distractions[…]

5 Easy Ways to Nail Output When Working Remotely

If you’re not a veteran of working remotely, these easy-to-implement tips will keep you top of game. For some of us, working remotely is nothing new. Having worked from home for more than 10 years, I can personally vouch for the pros and cons. But for many workers who have taken the remote working plunge[…]

Standout Features Only VAZATA Workspaces Offers

Your work environment has many advantages when you have technology services all in one place. These days you have plenty of choices when it comes to coworking spaces, no matter where you live or what business you’re in. But there are notable conveniences and advantages you won’t find in most of them that you will[…]

Your Virtual Holiday Celebration Could be the Hit of the Year!

Host a virtual holiday party your friends will never forget from the high tech corridors of VAZATA Workspaces. Yes, the pandemic has changed many things, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your holiday fun! Get it together now and you can have a festive, entertaining Zoom Holiday Party at Tech Culture McKinney! […]