5 Questions About Your Current Dallas Area Office Space

office space
Be brutally honest with yourself when you answer these five questions and you may gain a new perspective about your office space.

Not too many years ago, working remotely was much more uncommon than it is today. Although, even before the pandemic, many people and business groups were experiencing the benefits of working offsite, it was still a mind-set that showing up in the office was best. But COVID-19 introduced a new set of rules that has changed the office environment, creating a hybrid work scenario that leaves people wondering if a physical office space is really necessary.

  1. Is your office space worth the cost?

Since businesses vary so much, there’s not one answer to this question. Needs are different. Priorities are varied. But the same question continues to keep business owners up at night. Is the cost of a physical office space worth it?

Certainly if you’re looking for ways to save money, cutting the major expense of a physical office would be a measurable savings. If you’re just getting your business started, having a traditional office space could be relegated to a future expense if needed.

If going without a physical office altogether negatively impacts your business or causes your business to appear less professional, then a physical office may be necessary. Bottom line is: do the benefits support the cost?

  1. What do your employees need?

Knowing what your employees need to effectively do their jobs is a huge priority. Will working remotely impact your employees’ performance? It’s impossible to please everyone all the time and flexibility is an advantage of remote working.

Some of your employees might have roles and responsibilities that are difficult to do remotely. Maybe some need a private place to meet with clients, or it’s just difficult to get the resources they need for their jobs at home. If you have employees who depend on in-person interaction for their jobs, going without an office entirely might not be possible. Consider the extent the office environment has on the work they do, and determine if the current scenario is working. No matter what change you make, it’s still going to take some time for employees to adjust.

  1. Will a smaller space work?

After having spent the last year working remotely, many people have realized how much they prefer having a choice of where they work. This past year spent working from home has given employees and businesses owners a chance to consider whether a smaller office space might work. There will still be those who prefer coming into a physical office space and those who prefer to come in a few days a week, which makes the hybrid work workplace a viable option for many,

A smart option for companies offering remote work is to switch to a smaller office. The organization will really only need enough space for those employees who prefer to come into the office. But if there are others coming in less often, it’s easy to cut down on the amount of office space needed. With a few desks open, it offers space for those who do come in.

  1. Is there a coworking space near your office?

Coworking spaces such as VAZATA Workspaces in North Texas, have become the answer to the hybrid workplace. A coworking space offers flexibility and affordability with amenities that meet the needs of a variety of workers.

Companies are starting to realize the real advantage of coworking spaces. Giving up paying rent on a full office makes a coworking space very attractive. And VAZATA Workspaces is located in the heart of a bustling North Texas community.

  1. Does your nearby coworking space have an onsite data center?

Probably not. That’s not a common feature for the average coworking space, but VAZATA Workspaces is anything but average. Having immediate access to an onsite data center is a huge advantage for companies that rely on data management. And it’s a bonus for anyone managing data for themselves or for their clients.

What it comes down to is that a physical office space will be right for some businesses, but not others. It depends on your business. Save money with a smart coworking space if you can. But if an in-person office is a must-have for your business, then it’s an asset you need to plan for in your budget.

If your business is in Dallas or any of the surrounding North Texas cities, take a close-up look at VAZATA Workspaces. It’s truly the only coworking space of its kind and offers more advantages than you can imagine! So come visit and see for yourself.