Is it Time to Make the Leap from Home Office to Coworking Space?

north texas coworking space
If you’re tired of feeling like your business is suffering because working from home isn’t hitting the mark, it might be time for some open space of your own.

Working remotely from your ‘home office’ has its advantages, but aside from the obvious conveniences, less driving, and fewer concerns about dress code, there are distractions to consider; and those can feel like a deluge of bother.

Sometimes the interruptions and distractions of working from home can keep you from the important work of growing your business. Whether it’s family, pets, neighborhood, or your own waning discipline, focusing on the job at hand can seem out of reach and out of touch.

For some people the adjustment to working remotely due to COVID is not a choice. It seemed like a grand idea at first, but after a while, you start to miss the interchange you get when you’re around other people.  Even Zoom meetings and chats don’t always match up to hobnobbing with the guy in the next cubicle.

So one day you start to think about a coworking space, somewhere away from home, but without the expense of renting an entire office space somewhere downtown or uptown. Maybe it’s time to make the leap, but where do you start?

Why not start with the best?  VAZATA Workspaces appeals to the entrepreneurial spirit of small to medium size businesses, to start-ups, and to anyone looking for the ideal office home away from home.

The energy of VAZATA Workspaces is palpable — you feel it from the time you walk into the modern, tech-centric workspace. And the facilities offer so much more than just office space. One of the advantages of becoming a Tech Culture tenant is having access to conference and training facilities, spaces for special events, and a thriving co-working environment.

Some outstanding benefits that you’ll enjoy as a VAZATA Workspaces tenant include:

  • Printing Room with two 3D Printers
  • White Board, Video Conference Capabilities
  • On-site Data Center
  • Fast Wireless Internet
  • Professional Events
  • 24/7 Business Access
  • Front Desk Service
  • 4 Large Conference Rooms
  • Training / Coaching Room
  • Modern Kitchen and Hospitality Items
  • Open Floor Plan with Natural Lighting

People choose VAZATA Workspaces for lots of different reasons. Some are relocating to North Texas from out of state. Some are having growing pains and need more space to work. Others are intrigued by the concept of coworking space and want to give it a try, and (most of them usually end of staying).

Whatever the reason, take a serious, up-close look at VAZATA Workspaces office space. Because McKinney is the county seat of Collin County and located in the heart of many solid businesses, it has great appeal for new ventures.

McKinney itself is a thriving community with a rich and diverse history. Modern-day McKinney offers not only an upscale lifestyle but also an exceptional business environment.

The economy is distinct and has a compelling mix of industry, including the tech-centric offerings of VAZATA Workspaces, and is a shining example of how the high-tech, modern workspace has evolved to support businesses and entrepreneurs that need flexible working environments.

If you’re ready to make the leap from home office to coworking space, make Tech Culture McKinney your new office home. Come by for an in-person tour or take a look virtually.