Do You Need a Cybersecurity Audit?

To ensure security controls, get an objective assessment of your organization’s cybersecurity. A cybersecurity audit provides the assurance that your company’s security controls, policies and procedures are working effectively company-wide. No doubt, your organization has a number of cybersecurity policies in place. What a cybersecurity audit provides is a ‘checklist’ to validate that your controls[…]

cloud migration

Migrating to the Cloud Offers Rewarding Options. Are You There Yet?

While the benefits are numerous, moving to the cloud is not without challenges. Know before you go. If you’re company is ready to migrate to the cloud, you will be joining the ranks of many other forward-thinking organizations. But before you take your initial steps, think ‘migration strategy’. Without migration planning you will run into[…]


Customize your Cybersecurity Needs as Your Business Grows: It’s All About Scale

Be prepared for the worst by implementing the best cybersecurity for every stage of growth. It makes sense that you will need increased security as your business grows. Otherwise, capacity problems arise making security problems much more likely. That’s why scalable security is important. It allows you to increase or decrease in capacity to support[…]


Here’s What Can Happen to Your Business Without Cybersecurity.

You have more to lose than just your valuable data. Depending on the timing and duration of a data breach, the impact to an organization can vary widely. The financial and healthcare sectors are particularly vulnerable and the long-term impact can be devastating. But there’s also the damage cause to your reputation and the trust[…]

what to do when you’re hacked

Have You Been Hacked? Now What?

Without cybersecurity, you are very likely to become a victim of hacking, whether you’re an individual or a business enterprise. Whether you’re a large enterprise or an individual, you’re not alone when it comes to being hacked, although that’s of little solace. These are the times in which we live and hacking happens, probably more[…]

Office 365 value

How Microsoft 365 Helps You Get the Most for Your Money

If you’re a small business, you may be missing out on an extremely affordable way for your employees to work smarter and safer using Microsoft Office 365. Operating a small business is tough enough without seeing your hard-earned dollars spent on running the show. That’s where Office 365 can help. And, your staff will love[…]

Why Office 365 works for small businesses

How Does Office 365 Provide So Much Measurable Value for Small Businesses?

Complete integrated solutions designed for small businesses make the choice easy. Benefits of the Cloud With a cloud-based system, you and your employees can work from anywhere. Traveling the country or working from home, Office 365 tools are available wherever there’s an internet connection. And, with the desktop versions of Office 365 apps, you can[…]

email security

Why Email Backup is Crucial to Business Communication and Continuity

Email backup is an essential part of any business infrastructure which means securely saving a copy of data in a separate storage. You may be surprised by this shocking statistic about backups: 60% of backups are Incomplete and 50% of restores fail. For many people, data backup (which includes email) and disaster recovery are not[…]

ransomware threats in healthcare

How Ransomware Affects the Healthcare Industry

It’s not just your healthcare information they want; it’s your personal data that’s the target. The number of ransomware attacks on the healthcare industry in 2020 soared, with no less than 91 U.S. healthcare organizations suffering the ill effects — 50 percent more than the previous year. Between 1989 when the first known ransomware attack[…]


What is Cybersecurity and Who Needs It?

Cyber threats are increasing each day in different shapes and sizes. Being unprepared is a risk that few, if any, can afford. If you stop to consider the fact that practically every aspect of our lives are available on the internet, from social media to digital hospital records to online banking and trading, the question[…]