Why You Need a Managed Security Services Provider

Protecting your business from the evolving threats of cybercrime makes choosing the right managed security service provider priority one.

Why are more and more companies turning to managed security services providers?  Because more than ever they need to be protected from intrusions, hacks, breeches, or whatever name you want to give them.

Organizations want to gain security expertise but reduce the workload of their in-house security staff. A third-party provider can offer the watchful eye and administration of a company’s security processes either in-house or remotely, as a rule via the cloud.

Managed Security Service Providers or MSSPs can provide a host of security services, from complete infrastructure to disaster response. MSSPs can conduct security audits and investigate incidents that require detailed attention and manpower.

One of the primary benefits of an MSSP is the security expertise they bring. An MSSP has the ability to manage security functions off-site which allows business as usual with less interruption. With a continual line of communication and seamless reporting to the business, a company’s IT is kept apprised of any security issues, audits, and needed maintenance.

As a trusted name in Managed Security Services, VAZATA offers a full spectrum of security programs and services that include threat monitoring, data protection, management of network security tools, regulatory compliance, and more.

Many IT environments that are mission critical have rigorous security and compliance requirements. That’s where VAZATA offers a step above through FedRAMP and FedRAMP Advisory Services, a higher standard of protection against intrusions. VAZATA was the 21st company to achieve FedRamp authorization, which means we have the distinction of being one the most compliant technology providers.

Being able to maneuver through the challenges presented by all aspects of Security and Compliance requirements and regulations, VAZATA can provide the exact needs of our customers, whether a federal or commercial environment, which includes a rigorous audit provided every 30 days.

It’s dangerous business to put off implementing sound security initiatives. Many companies have endured painful losses from data breaches because of this. With the number of cyber threats increasing, it’s crucial to prioritize your IT security.

Whether your organization is lacking security capabilities or wants to expand existing capabilities, a reputable managed security service provider such as VAZATA is a valuable option.

Managing enterprise security in-house takes a large investment in manpower and technology. An MSSP can provide continuous supervision, 24/7/365. And the fact that cybercrimes can occur incredibly fast means IT security must have the proper security tools and resources to keep up with the evolving, interacting cyber threats. Using the services of an MSSP lets businesses focus on essential business activities while the security concerns are managed by the experts.

Other major benefits of an MSSP include:

  • Ongoing vulnerability and penetration testing
  • Performing security scans on a routine basis
  • Giving enterprise IT freedom to do security oversight
  • Helping to advance overall enterprise goals

Finding and implementing the right managed security services provider is an important step for any organization. Once you have mapped out both short and long term goals for maximizing your business IT security, choose a respected MSSP that maintains a well-respected, proven track record in high performance security, compliance, and more.