VAZATA Spotlights Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solutions (VDI)

Plano, Texas, December 11, 2015 – VAZATA, a full service cloud infrastructure, managed hosting and colocation provider, has recently experienced successful implementation of the virtual desktop infrastructure solution.

As IT organizations drive for more accessibility over the desktop environment, VAZATA offers a virtual desktop infrastructure service that helps customers transition from traditional personal computer and remote desktop environments to more robust, secure and scalable computing solutions, all while extending the life of employee PCs.

For example, a local managed service provider utilizing traditional desktop hardware and RDP for remote access to the file and application environment can encounter difficulty to scale. VAZATA provides a high performance VDI solution that allows the MSP to easily scale user access to the application servers, control individual desktop user templates further assuring the security and proper use of company assets and prolong the life of aging desktop hardware and allow for the use of inexpensive hardware in the future.