VAZATA Expands Cloud Footprint

Dallas, Texas – January 31, 2012 – VAZATA, a full service cloud infrastructure, managed services and colocation provider, announced today it has dramatically increased it’s IaaS infrastructure to accommodate the growing needs of federal and enterprise customers.

David MacGrandle, COO of VAZATA, said, “we increased computing power, storage capacity, network redundancy and overall bandwidth within our vStructure™ IaaS platform in direct response to customer growth. We maintain a commitment to all VAZATA customers that ensures the stability, security and scalability of our solutions. We chose a robust, multi-provider blend of technology enhancements that include best-in-class vendors like HP, Cisco, F5 and Fortinet to optimize our platform.”

Specifically, VAZATA reports the following increases:

Computing power: HP Blades and related infrastructure increased by 130%
Storage: Tier 1 SAN storage increased by 250%
Network redundancy increased in support of a HA (highly available) configuration by implementing technology from Fortinet
Overall bandwidth capacity has been increased by 150%

A geographically diverse infrastructure was also deployed in VAZATA’s Northern Virginia data center, matching the same increased compute and network capacities found in the company’s Dallas-based data centers. Mr. MacGrandle added, “this additional infrastructure has allowed us to continue our growth in the federal government sector, while also fortifying our overall business continuity goals.”

Company Contact:
Julie Middleton