Update from VAZATA Workspaces

Dear McKinney Friends,

We at VAZATA Workspaces inherently understand the need for a quiet, professional workspace in which to conduct day-to-day business. In these challenging and uncharted times, this is especially true. Given that many employers are mandating work from home policies, VAZATA Workspaces wants to help solve any issues that may arise from the challenges of working from home.

Should you need meeting space for yourself or a small group, or require a larger space, such as a conference room, please reach out to us so we can understand and fulfill your needs.

VAZATA Workspaces is dedicated to helping those in our community continue “business as usual” in anything but “usual” times. We are here to help and are eager to serve you. Please visit our website. You may also call us directly at 214-202-3683 and ask for John.

Regards – The VAZATA Workspaces Team