Three U.S. Federal Government Agencies Select Horizon’s vStructure for Cloud Solutions

Dallas – August 23, 2011 – Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and colocation provider, Horizon Data Center Solutions, announced today that the company has deployed cloud computing solutions for three federal agencies, expanding its customer portfolio in the U.S. Government sector. The announcement comes just one month after being the first vendor to secure an Authority to Operate (ATO) as a cloud services provider to the U.S. Government.

Lance Black, CEO for Horizon, says, “We’re excited about the traction we’ve established in this important sector. We were able to install these three customers rapidly, within days, to be specific. As a certified and accredited solution provider under FISMA’s recommended security controls for federal information systems, we’re able to quickly deploy solutions for federal agencies without imposing an otherwise time consuming procurement process. We’re also able to give them specifically what they need while minimizing the burden of excess capacity and expense,” Black says.

Horizon’s ATO, rapid deployment model and secure, stable and scalable vStructure™ architecture enables federal agencies to quickly migrate services to the cloud as part of a massive federal cost cutting effort, explained Black. The U.S. Government’s “Cloud First” mandate gives agencies the ability to go to the marketplace and purchase only what they require from authorized vendors.

Horizon’s success as a cloud solutions provider to the U.S. Government is accompanied by recent momentum in their private sector business as well. Just last week, the company received notification that it had achieved compliance with the new SSAE 16 Type II standards for all three of its data centers. “Compliance is an important topic for all of the sectors we serve. Our success with securing an ATO from the Government seems peripheral to the enterprise customers we support, but we actually view it as yet another way in which we’re proving the credibility of our vStructure™. It’s all related to our commitment to ensuring the security, stability and scalability of the infrastructure services we provide.”

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