FedRAMP Certified Hosting Can Make Your Business Stronger

Partnering with a FedRAMP Certified Hosting company should be an essential factor in your organizational objectives for making your business stronger. The security standards of FedRAMP will improve your business operations and enhance the services you offer to your customers/partners, both inside and outside of the government.

FedRAMP standards are complex, which makes them more challenging to achieve and maintain. Satisfying your security and compliance needs with a FedRAMP certified hosting organization will provide a higher level of service to your customers and better position your business competitively.

The security-assessment framework of FedRAMP helps remove some of the indecision about cloud-security, relieving some of the worry about security and compliance, making it easier and more streamlined to migrate to the cloud.

Undergoing the authorization process is not easy, but companies which become authorized and certified earn a mark of distinction that is shared with their customers and partners.

VAZATA is one of the most compliant technology providers, having achieved the highest level of security and performance set by FedRAMP’s rigorous compliance standards. VAZATA’s  FedRAMP IAAS includes:

  • IAAS Rev4 Certified
  • Geographically redundant
  • Built on VMWare platform
  • Advanced 24x7x365 support & monitoring

VAZATA has a history of creating compliant managed hosting and security services for commercial and government accounts through its compliant (VFI) Cloud Platform. VFI was designed to address changing national security and procurement policies and growing cybersecurity threats.

We partner with the leading security ISVs and service providers to make available a full range of managed and shared security services that private organizations and government agencies can buy through a subscription based OPEX model.

Cloud-based solutions from VAZATA can include managed firewall, endpoint, proxy, DDOS and other security services. VFI maintains the integrity of sensitive data and meets stringent security and compute performance standards.