A New Year is the Time for a New Data Plan

Managing and protecting your data is vital, so rely on an MSP with a golden track record.

data plan

Getting the New Year off to a great start means updating and aligning your data plan for the organization. VAZATA can help you with a new Managed Services Plan to efficiently, affordably, and safely manage all of your data 24/7/365.

A comprehensive Managed Service Provider (MSP)  knows how to easily zero in on a problem and fix it before you even knew there was an issue. Right off the bat, you’re saving time and money.

A quality MSP can monitor your entire network 24/7/365, remotely troubleshoot and fix problems, remotely deliver software updates and provide detailed reports on performance and problem areas. Industry-certified technicians know how to tackle the problem and take the necessary action immediately. VAZATA is your ideal MSP for handling all of your Managed Services. Here’s what you’ll get.

Security & Compliance Services

  • VAZATA is FedRAMP IASS Certified to guide you through the complexities of compliance requirements.
  • Cybernetic Cybersecurity is VAZATA’s new high level cybersecurity monitoring system that combines best-in-class technology, cutting-edge analytics, and artificial intelligence to monitor and protect your organization.

Compute Services

  • Cloud Based
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon AWS
  • VAZATA vStructure
  • Hybrid


  • Physical Server/Desktop Based
  • Remote Physical Servers
  • On-Premise Physical Servers
  • Desktops/Laptops


Network Services

  • Network Security is a top priority, with VPN services, multi-factor authentication, and SSL-level encryption, all of which can be customized to provide you with the security level required to meet your companies security policies.

Storage Services

  • VAZATA can deliver scalable, encrypted storage helping to reduce the burden of your resources, maintaining a secure, cost effective, automated solution on premises or in any of our Secure Managed Clouds.

Data Protection Services

  • Geographically dispersed back-ups
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • Anti-Virus Solution including Malware and Ransomware
  • Spam Filtering
  • Business Continuity Services and Facilities

Support Services

  • Our support staff knows how to troubleshoot problems and execute effective solutions around the clock. We offer aggressive response time guarantees to resolve any IT issue.

Professional Services

  • Our goal is to enhance your organization, gaining the opportunity to be a trusted advisor, and deepening our customer relationships. Our team will take the time to understand your uses and goals around your infrastructure and can design a Professional Service package to optimize your business growth and strategy.

Software Services

  • Managing software assets across an organization can be complicated. Controlling usage and costs is a big challenge for any organization. VAZATA’s software services can reduce your software capital expenditure and elevate the time that your staff spends tracking software deployments.

Start the New Year off right with a Managed Services Provider you can count on to protect your data anytime, year-round.  VAZATA.