IT Security

How Cloud-Computing Helps IT Security Amidst Never-Ending Changes.

In today’s IT environment, change is unavoidable. Keeping your business secure is the challenge. Given the unanticipated situations of this past year, companies in most industries are undergoing some level of change. IT security and cybersecurity overall are major areas of discussion going forward. How can companies’ security teams, development, and operations all collaborate around[…]

data plan

A New Year is the Time for a New Data Plan

Managing and protecting your data is vital, so rely on an MSP with a golden track record. Getting the New Year off to a great start means updating and aligning your data plan for the organization. VAZATA can help you with a new Managed Services Plan to efficiently, affordably, and safely manage all of your[…]

Your IT Staff is a Major Player in Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Most disaster recovery (DR) plans are focused centrally on protecting and recovering data, although recovery is not always as fast and easy as it might be. That’s why DR plans must look at the bigger picture to consider the business as a whole, and especially the people that work within it. Linking technical goals to[…]

How Successful CIOs Tackle Managing IT

What’s the secret to being a successful CIO, as they confront the demands of an ever-changing technical landscape? No easy task to be sure, yet there’s a pattern that emerges from top CIOs that indicates the basic differentiators that set IT teams apart from the average. Technical expertise seems the most obvious with a close[…]

Managing IT Changes and Security in a Cloud World

Today’s cloud-computing technology makes managing IT changes and security more streamlined. Mobility, scalability, resilience, security, ease of distribution are some of the most notable benefits of life in the cloud environment. The cloud is no longer a yet-to-be-defined IT experiment, but rather an effective, proven essential for companies of all sizes. There are important steps[…]