data restoration

Data Protection and Restoration is Essential to Brand Trust and Growth

Data security is no longer an option in today’s world. Data security is essential. Today the need for reliable data security has never been so profound. The pandemic has made the world more digitally connected and also much more vulnerable. Among other challenges facing businesses and individuals on a global scale, data privacy and security[…]

disaster recovery

How Weather Conditions Can Impact Business Continuity

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented action to ensure business operations. Climate change, global warming, long term climate cycle – regardless what you may call it, there is no denying that today we track and report an ever increasing number and severity of climate events through the increasing use of technology and advancements in satellite imagery.[…]

disaster recovery plan

What Happens Without a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Your entire network or database could be instantly knocked out without a workable disaster recovery plan. If your organization does not have a functioning disaster recovery plan in place, chances are the consequences will be more severe than you might imagine. The National Archives and Records Administration reports that 93 percent of companies experiencing data[…]