data restoration

Data Protection and Restoration is Essential to Brand Trust and Growth

Data security is no longer an option in today’s world. Data security is essential. Today the need for reliable data security has never been so profound. The pandemic has made the world more digitally connected and also much more vulnerable. Among other challenges facing businesses and individuals on a global scale, data privacy and security[…]

IT infrastructure

What the Future of IT Infrastructure Will Look Like

Expect your technology expectations to be both challenged and awed going forward into 2022. To say that ‘the times they are a’changin’ (to quote Bob Dylan) is a vast understatement by today’s standards. With the continual torrent of technology innovations, the predictions for what’s ahead in 2022 comprise a mix of responses from ‘wow!’, ‘really?’,[…]

cybersecurity plan pt 2

Planning Ahead: Is Your Cybersecurity Plan for 2022 Ready to Roll? Part 2

As 2022 grows closer, cybersecurity planning has become priority one for companies large and small.  If the answer is no, then now is the time to get to work. By developing a solid Cybersecurity Plan now, you can help your business navigate the persistent security challenges and achieve the success you’re looking for in 2022.[…]

email security

Why Email Backup is Crucial to Business Communication and Continuity

Email backup is an essential part of any business infrastructure which means securely saving a copy of data in a separate storage. You may be surprised by this shocking statistic about backups: 60% of backups are Incomplete and 50% of restores fail. For many people, data backup (which includes email) and disaster recovery are not[…]