VAZATA's Manassas MAA data center located at 9651 Hornbaker Road in Manassas, Virginia is engineered from the ground up to deliver highly reliable and scalable power, cooling, and physical security for your IT systems and applications. In addition to data center colocation, VAZATA provides a suite of managed IT services and secure cloud solutions, as well as customized hybrid hosting solutions for both government and industry.


  • Data Center construction completed December 2009
  • Features 12,500 square feet combining data suites 201 & 202 with 2MW of power and an option on 10MW
  • Data Floor was commissioned January 2010 - approximately 243,000 feet
    • 16,000 square feet of office area
    • Data Center sits on secure 20 acre campus
    • 100,000 square feet of raised floor
    • 15 separate 6,250 square feet data suites
  • Concrete and steel deck composite roof slab designed to withstand 140mph winds
  • The waterproofing layer is rubberized asphalt roofing membrane – Hydrotech MM6125-FR, with 17 lb/sq of heat dissipating, white stone ballast. Membrane sits on top of 6” rigid Styrofoam insulation
  • Unique two story Tier III & Tier IV design specifications, with MEP on the first floor and the data center located securely on the second floor
  • 150’ security surround, designed to Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DRTA) standards
  • Loading docks were designed for vehicles of all sizes, including freight transportation
    • Loading dock is set over 150 feet away from security gate in compliance with DRTA standards
    • Loading dock has the following features:
  • Three 10’ X 11.5’ loading docks with levelers, cowling and task lighting
  • Three 16’ X 11.5’ roll in bays
  • One ground level roll in bay