Paul Chouffet
EVP of Products and Engineering / CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)

Paul Chouffet is responsible for leading the business development section for VAZATA’s new and existing customer base. He is committed to ensuring his team of business development professionals provides an excellent overall customer experience. Prior to joining VAZATA, Mr. Chouffet co-founded, owned and operated Dallas Help Desk, Inc. Dallas Help Desk provided services to many industry leading customers in many fields such as financial services, construction, engineering and other strategic markets. At Dallas Help Desk, Mr. Chouffet provided lead technical support, sales and management of the Dallas Help Desk team. As a result of the VAZATA acquisition, Dallas Help Desk merged over 100 managed services and hosting clients with VAZATA, thus expanding VAZATA’s portfolio of services and capabilities. Mr. Chouffet is a graduate of the University of North Texas and holds certifications from the industry’s leading technology providers including Cisco, Microsoft and Juniper.