What is Endpoint Security and Why is It Important?

endpoint security

Easy access gives cybercriminals the opportunity to disrupt your entire business network. Make the decision to stop the intrusion with reliable endpoint security from VAZATA.

First, what are endpoints? Endpoints are the points of access to an enterprise. They are the points of entry on end-user devices like desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Endpoints are where malicious actors gain access to exploit your network, coming up with new, deviously, smart ways to do just that on a recurring basis.

Endpoint security solutions protect your business staff’s productivity by protecting them from security threats, as well as pointing out any potentially risky behavior from rogue insiders. By protecting these points of entry from cyberattacks, companies can maintain greater control over access points to the network.

The increase in BYOD (bring your own device) policies has created numerous endpoint vulnerabilities. With more people working remotely or connecting to Wi-Fi networks, enterprise network security is more susceptible than ever to cybercriminals.

Remote working spurred by the Covid-19 pandemic could compound cyber threats in 2022.

Because home devices used by employees to access office networks are not subject to the same security restrictions as company devices, the efforts to control and monitor digital behavior, applications, and data outside firewalls are more complicated.

Historically, security breaches occurred through the network; however, today security threats are increasingly coming in through endpoints. By maintaining greater control over access points, vulnerabilities through the use of remote devices can be more easily managed.

Previously security threats were assumed to be made based on signatures which made sense if attacks had been seen before. However, today, malware mutates so frequently — daily if not hourly — that signature-based prevention tools have become obsolete. VAZATA’s Cybernetic End Point Protection provides advantages such as these:

  • Uses AI, not signatures, to identify and block known and unknown malware from running on endpoints
  • Delivers prevention against common and unknown (zero-day) threats without a cloud connection
  • Continuously protects the endpoint without disrupting the end-user
  • Full-spectrum autonomous threat prevention simplifies the security stack
  • Whisper-quiet prevention ensures business operations are not disrupted
  • Eliminates the risk of an attack exploiting a zero-day from being successful
  • Backed by a team of expert analysts using a streaming data analytics platform and advanced threat intelligence feeds

Endpoint security is different from anti-virus software in that it bears some or all responsibility for its own security. VAZATA Cybernetic Endpoint Solution contains functionality such as:

  • Data loss prevention
  • Insider threat protection
  • Disk, endpoint, and email encryption
  • Application whitelisting or control
  • Network access control
  • Data classification
  • Endpoint detection and response
  • Privileged user control

Cybernetic Endpoint Protection is an uncomplicated solution to what could become a very complicated problem if adequate security for your endpoints is not addressed.

Comprehensive security solutions are the only way to meet today’s global challenges and Cybernetic Endpoint Protection from VAZATA seamlessly protects your business from next generation threats without compromising your business operations.

Backed by a team of expert analysts using a streaming data analytics platform and advanced threat intelligence feeds, VAZATA’s comprehensive Cybernetic Endpoint Protection is a smart investment in high-performance security for today and the days ahead.  Contact VAZATA today for more details.