How Does Office 365 Provide So Much Measurable Value for Small Businesses?

Why Office 365 works for small businesses

Complete integrated solutions designed for small businesses make the choice easy.

Benefits of the Cloud

With a cloud-based system, you and your employees can work from anywhere. Traveling the country or working from home, Office 365 tools are available wherever there’s an internet connection. And, with the desktop versions of Office 365 apps, you can make changes offline that will automatically sync when you’re in the cloud again.

High Performance Cybersecurity

All your emails and your files are protected by Microsoft Security. As you’d expect, Microsoft sets a high level of cybersecurity that you would struggle to achieve on your own. Microsoft’s security is backed by the internationally recognized ISO27001 certification, so you can breathe easy knowing your data is safe.

Another cybersecurity benefit is that you never need to worry about updates or patching applications. Every time you log in, you are logging in to the most updated version of Office 365.

You can configure the whole software suite to use Multi-factor Authentication. What’s more, Employees can now sign in with the new Microsoft Authenticator Application.

No Additional Server Upkeep

It can be costly and time-consuming to set up a server, not to mention a challenging technical undertaking. The hardware is expensive and thousands of hours go into programming and configuration before you have something usable,

Collaboration Tools for Efficiency

Office 365 is an advantage to your whole team, business or organization with its collaboration

and cooperation applications and functionality. Share with anyone, edit together, and communicate with ease using Microsoft Teams.

Mobile Device Management for Office 365 Apps

As of 2015, Office 365 comes with a mobile device management. This means that you and your staff can confidently store company data on mobile devices. To extend Microsoft’s MDM features, just connect Office 365 to Microsoft Intune for additional functionality. We can help you roll out Microsoft Intune in your small-to-medium sized business, from purchase, to training, to maintenance

Low Cost. Reliable Solution.

No more upfront costs with Office 365 thanks to the flexible monthly billing process that lets you add or decrease the number of user to suit your needs. This kind of scalable solution works well for small businesses.

Managed Office 365 is Even Better

Office 365 is a robust decision in and of itself; however, when you add the advantage of Managed Office 365, you’re freeing up time and resources that would otherwise be wasted.

With VAZATA’s Managed Office 365 solution, you will get a secure, reliable communication environment custom designed to meet your needs. Our expert staff will seamlessly migrate your email and data and will have a technical support team on-site during cut-over to Office 365 to provide comprehensive end-user support.

As a Certified Microsoft Partner and authorized Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), VAZATA has all the expertise needed to ensure your organization is positioned securely and with the latest Office Applications available. Contact VAZATA today!