Do You Need a Cybersecurity Audit?


To ensure security controls, get an objective assessment of your organization’s cybersecurity.

A cybersecurity audit provides the assurance that your company’s security controls, policies and procedures are working effectively company-wide.

No doubt, your organization has a number of cybersecurity policies in place. What a cybersecurity audit provides is a ‘checklist’ to validate that your controls are working properly. Being able to inspect what you expect from your security policies provides greater confidence in the process.

A cybersecurity audit provides management, vendors and customers a clear-cut assessment of cybersecurity policies and procedures. Audits are critically important in helping organizations avoid cyber threats, which continue to increase daily.

Any weaknesses or vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a potential cyber-criminal can be detected and thwarted with optimum cybersecurity.

A cybersecurity audit focuses on cybersecurity standards, guidelines and policies, ensuring that all security controls are optimized and all compliance requirements are met. An audit evaluates:

  • Operational Security (a review of policies, procedures, and security controls)
  • Data Security (a review of encryption use, network access control, data security during transmission and storage)
  • System Security (a review of patching processes, hardening processes, role-based access, management of privileged accounts)
  • Network Security (a review of network and security controls, anti-virus configurations, SOC, security monitoring capabilities)
  • Physical Security (a review of role-based access controls, disk encryption, multifactor authentication, biometric data)

Unlike a cybersecurity assessment, which provides a snapshot of an organization’s security, an audit is a 360 deep dive examination of an organization’s entire security position.

Cybersecurity Audit Benefits

  • Identify gaps in security
  • Highlight weaknesses
  • Compliance
  • Reputational value
  • Testing controls
  • Improving security posture
  • Staying ahead of cyber-criminals
  • Assurance to vendors, employees, and clients
  • Confidence in your security controls
  • Increased performance of your technology and security

A VAZATA audit consists of multiple compliance and vulnerability scans, security and risk assessments and a myriad of other cybersecurity tools used to conduct an in-depth examination into an organization’s cybersecurity.

How Often is a Cybersecurity Audit Necessary?

Depending on what compliance and security framework your business follows, the frequency of an audit can be determined. For instance, FISMA requires federal agencies to have audits twice a year. If you work with a federal agency, then you also must comply with FISMA. Failure to comply with laws that require cybersecurity audits can result in fines and penalties.

Other compliance regulations require annual audits. Some require none. How often you perform audits is entirely dependent on what type of data your company works with, your industry and what legal requirements you must follow.

However, even if you are not required to perform an audit, most security experts recommend you perform at least one annual audit to ensure your controls are functioning properly.

Cybersecurity Audit Checklist

Although each organization’s checklist will vary, there are some basic categories that are essential.

  • Inventory and control of hardware assets
  • Inventory and control of software assets
  • Continuous vulnerability management
  • Controlled use of administrative privileges
  • Secure configuration for hardware and software on mobile devices, laptops, workstations, and servers
  • Maintenance, monitoring, and analysis of audit logs
  • Email and web browser protection
  • Malware defenses
  • Limitation and control of network ports, protocols, and servers.

This checklist is very basic and may become extensive once you have completed it. Cybersecurity is essential, today more than ever, to every business in the world.

VAZATA can perform a comprehensive cybersecurity audit and make proven recommendations for staying secure as you move forward. Managed Security Services is one way VAZATA provides managed security to many of its customers.

VAZATA also offers 24/7/365 cybersecurity monitoring services called Cybernetic Cybersecurity, a combination of best-in-class technology, cutting-edge analytics, and artificial intelligence to monitor and protect your organization. Contact VAZATA today to learn more.