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Channel Partner Program

Earn With VAZATA's Channel Partner Program

You're connected, you have a large network of friends and associates across the industry that look to you for expert advice and perspective. Let's face it, we all want to hear about a potential solution from someone who knows, it expedites timelines and helps us cut through the myriad of options out available.

A significant amount of our current clients came to us from referrals and suggestions from industry insiders who know and appreciate our business model and outlook on the industry.

When you recommend VAZATA as an option, you can do so with the knowledge that VAZATA operates only carrier, hardware and application neutral data centers. We're objective in our outlook on the tools used to deliver IT, but we're not objective about serving our clients, about providing optimal solutions and building last relationships.

With over 100 MW of critical IT power to offer, we understand that your leads are critical to the growth of our company and a valuable addition to the on-going marketing and demand generation activities we perform every day.

Submit a Lead

Using our Lead Submittal form, you can detail the elements of the opportunity in question for the dedicated Lead Referral team. We'll acknowledge the lead immediately and within four business hours a representative will contact you or your client.