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Cloud IaaS Platform vStructure™

Why vStructure™?

As cloud infrastructure providers, VAZATA’s engineering and project management teams understand the intricacies of IaaS services such as designing, installing, and moving your mission critical applications into a virtualized environment. VAZATA reinforces the network, hypervisor and storage layers with an industry leading 100% SLA, to ensure your vital applications and data are always available.

Key Cloud Benefits

To clarify the difference in IaaS vs. PaaS, IaaS is the most flexible cloud computing model and allows for automated deployment of servers, processing power, storage, and networking. IaaS clients have true control over their infrastructure much more than users of either PaaS or SaaS services. The main uses of IaaS include the actual development and deployment of PaaS, SaaS, and web­scale applications. Infrastructure as a service provides measurable benefits such as:

  • Rapid Provisioning
  • Scalability & Security
  • Preservation of Capital
  • Compliance
  • Customization
vStructure™™ Services
The Four Basic Layers of vStructure™:
  1. Data Center Layer –Two vStructureTM deployments, one in Texas and one in Virginia, all connected using the vConnect Data Center network. Network/Security Layer: 3­tier Architecture – VAZATA’s Network Layer utilizes a 3­tier architecture.
  2. Network/Security Layer: 3-tier Architecture – VAZATA’s Network Layer utilizes a 3-tier architecture.
  3. Compute Layer – The compute layer is comprised of highly redundant, resilient blade technology allowing for the rapid expansion of resources, both from a provider and customer perspective. The VAZATA virtual environment runs on enterprise class, VMware virtualization solutions.
  4. Storage Layer – vStructure’sTM storage layer is purpose-­built specifically to protect customer data. Power, storage switch fabrics, shelves and individual arrays are all built with redundancy in mind, utilizing industry standard RAID configurations to protect customer data.

Cloud computing infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is the fundamental building block that cloud service providers nurture and build with to provide comprehensive solutions. Partnering with the right IaaS services provider can be a real game­changer in streamlining the effectiveness of your cloud technology and business processes.

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