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Compliant Solutions


Data Center Colocation

We package our colocation services around flexibility and customization. read more

Disaster Recovery

Ensure quick recovery and minimized outages with a flexible solution that works with the IT operations environment you have in place today. read more

Federal Solutions

Compliant & Specialized Infrastructure Solutions for U.S. Government Agencies. read more

Cloud IaaS: vStructure

A vStructure IaaS Solution that Is Compliant, Customizable, and Secure, with the flexibility to meet your business needs. read more

Hybrid Solutions

VAZATA’s hybrid solutions utilize our vStructure™ platform and are designed to meet your specific needs by incorporating select products and services read more

Secure File Share: vShare

vShare empowers users to collaborate on files using Team Shares. Anytime a file changes on a Team Share, everyone will have access to the most up-to-date version read more