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What’s Ahead in Technology and Cloud in 2017?


In 2017, the “great migration” begins, and there will be more workloads moving to cloud-based platforms than ever before. Security and performance will continue to be issues to overcome, as well as management of the process. Over the last five years there has been a big leap, and these are previous problems that are now solvable with some strategic thought and technology implementation.


The growing focus on dealing with the cybersecurity threat will highlight the importance of technology standardization, automation, and a data-centric approach to information security in 2017. Since all of these are core to the successful deployment of cloud computing solutions, industry growth will accelerate.


Two main movements are anticipated in 2017: a diversification of managed services and a shrinking of virtualized portions. The portfolio of managed services will grow their offerings even for niche markets. The size of virtualized portions will shrink from virtual machines to containers and small functions.


There will also likely be growing demand in areas like Application Services (a Desktop as a Service solution) and Analytics (a real-time analytics service) as well as an increased demand for fully managed, secure, enterprise-grade storage and sharing services. Looking forward, investments in solutions that are built to solve customer needs will be in demand.


Customer obsession is critical for business success going forward into 2017. Ever growing numbers of devices and information lead to a desire for new products and services at a rapid pace. CIOs must continue to extend their focus beyond building great customer experiences. Striving for speed and flexibility in redesigning core operational function and leveraging emerging technology are both necessary to meet accelerating needs and demands of customers.


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