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What Is the VAZATA Managed Cloud?

Cloud computing lowers a company’s costs to deploy, maintain, and upgrade information technology systems and resources, and provides essentially limitless data storage and computing power expansion opportunities, ready to go at any time. 

Your cloud services provider (CSP) is the biggest factor in your success, and a CSP’s duty is to provide the perfect combination of services and resources to meet your unique business goals. Many factors go into creating an optimal cloud-based solution, but it cannot be achieved through trial and error—the most important ingredient is expertise. We take a consultative approach to setting up the infrastructure our customers truly need, constructing each element to deliver the performance, compliance, reliability, resiliency and data security required. 

We call our unique approach “the Vazata Managed Cloud.” Here are some of its highlights:

•Vazata’s Technical Assessment Service helps you determine what’s working well today and what opportunities should be exploited to create a cloud solution that is both affordable and highly cost effective over the long term. A highly agile platform can scale up or down quickly.

•Our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings use only proven, enterprise-quality hardware and virtualization platforms. All infrastructure and equipment is carefully chosen to fit the client workload. One-hundred-percent service level agreements for network, hypervisor and storage layers are matched by 24 X 7 monitoring with automated alerts, personalized response and customized resolution plans.

•We’ll recommend the right set of cloud computing components to match your real-world needs. Whether you’re using our IaaS or a hybrid blend of public, multitenant, and private cloud, we can create the perfect solution for you. 

•World-class back-up and disaster recovery capabilities across geographically replicated systems ensures operational recovery and business continuity in case of catastrophic failures. 

•Drawing on our deep expertise in infrastructure management and professional services, our managed services staff quickly assess unexpected issues as they arise and alert you to the situation—while also taking proactive steps to resolve emergencies, if appropriate.

So what exactly is the Vazata Managed Cloud? It’s your assurance that your cloud-based IT infrastructure has been constructed perfectly to match your business needs and is being managed cost-effectively for maximum performance, security, and reliability. 

Why not let the Vazata team conduct a Cloud Computing Needs Assessment for your business?



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