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If you are an Always On Business, your highest priority is maintaining 24/7 availability and security that supports your data-intensive online environments at all times.

Whether ensuring the ability to recover from a disastrous natural event or human error, or simply putting in place the ability to access your business from anywhere, you Cloud Services Provider must maintain redundant servers and processors, replicated storage, and geographically separate data center facilities. In fields like healthcare, financial services e-commerce, and others, the need for continuous protection and non-stop service that meets the most stringent compliance and security mandates is a given.

The challenge for your CSP is to deliver all you need for recovery and business continuity at significantly lower cost than the capital expense for equipment needed by traditional onsite backup solutions. And let’s not forget that a CSP frees up your IT resources to focus on activities that build your business. Picking an efficient, simple-to-configure, cost-effective recovery solution is key.

As many federal agencies and private companies have found , Vazata does an outstanding job of ensuring that your applications and data are taken care of so you can meet your important Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives. To do this, Vazata’s vStructure cloud IaaS platform uses Veeam Backup and Replication to extend availability, pull backups offsite and maintain VM replicas at our highly secure and geographically redundant Data Centers. We consider Veeam Cloud Connect to be a key component powering the replication of our customers’ environments at a secure, fully redundant offsite location from which Vazata Cloud Hosting can recover mission critical applications and data quickly and securely.

To get a closer look at the unique advantages of combining Vazata Cloud Hosting with Veeam Cloud Connect (part of the Veeam Availability Suite), be sure to attend our live webinar, DRaaS Defined: the Importance of Disaster Recovery for your Enterprise on Thursday, Feb 23 at 1pm CT.


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