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The “Four IaaS Freedoms” Your CSP Should Provide

Your Cloud Services Provider should be laser focused on creating a Cloud-based infrastructure that meets your specific needs while taking the burden of complexity off your shoulders and delivering a flexible, secure, cost-effective computing solution. You require a tailored cloud solution that provides robust compliance and unparalleled cybersecurity. VAZATA’s vStructure IaaS platform, supported by our in-depth experience and capabilities, offers both multitenant and dedicated Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions that feature designed-in security. More than that, VAZATA offers our customers what you might call The Four IaaS Freedoms:

Freedom from Worry. There’s conventional wisdom that says CSPs should “get big, get focused or get out.”  Not all cloud buyers have the same needs and requirements, so VAZATA “threads the needle” to avoid the drawbacks associated with small, unproven CSPs and the too-large-to focus pitfalls that commoditized behemoth are prone to. The key is to become a thoughtful and attentive expert partner that can make a positive bottom-line impact on your business. For instance, we can conduct a full Technical Assessment before designing, building, and managing a solution with optimal features and flexibility for your needs, then lead the way through a successful Cloud implementation. 

Freedom to Change. Part of strategic IaaS is recognizing the need for an exit strategy, if necessary. The lifespan of a company may include many disruptions, from business reconfigurations to strategic realignments, or many others. We believe our clients should be able to reconfigure their solutions, as needed, without severe penalties for doing so. 

Technology Freedom. We are dedicated to preventing you from becoming locked into proprietary technology. As far as possible, your applications should be migrate-able to other CSPs at your discretion, without considerable recording. We embrace open source approaches and standards.

Freedom from Surprises. We don’t want our clients to be hit with unexpected charges for anything from bandwidth to production-grade support. Your VAZATA Technical Account Manager will make sure you are well-informed about all pricing options and considerations that are relevant to the optimal Cloud solution for your business.

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