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Taking a Closer Look Inside Hybrid Cloud


On Monday, we posted Fast Five Facts about Public, Private, Hybrid cloud platforms that list the benefits of each. If you’re on the precipice of moving to one, you might have questions so we put together a real life case study (the CliffNotes™ version) to give you an example of how it was mapped out. 

The company was an SMB with highly sensitive accounting information that dealt with SSN’s, credit card information, etc... They had assets that required certain levels of compliance, while pieces of their environment that did not.

Primary client applications that were to be moved to the Cloud:

 1.      Accounting and Investment data

2.      Email

Basic hosting requirements for each:

 1.    Accounting application

 ·         Tight control over security parameters, i.e. access and environment isolation

 ·         Existing compliance

 ·         Guaranteed environment performance

 ·         Built in multi-site backup and DR

 ·         Direct and personal 24/7 support with clear escalation methods

 ·         Dedicated account team

 2.    E-mail

·         Security and compatibility with existing internally hosted email service including single source                  authentication and ease of migration

·         Built in application upgrades over the life of the service

·         Cost per user                    

The customer approached VAZATA with clear motivation to use hybrid cloud services and a need to divide the two applications between a private cloud services for the Accounting piece and a public cloud SaaS environment for the email -  by diversifying, it resulted in significant cost savings for the customer.

This same scenario is happening more and more frequently as hybrid cloud becomes a more popular option and it’s pretty safe to say that the operations team here at VAZATA would agree.

If anything, you should revaluate whether you can diversify your service providers like this company. At the end of the day, you might find that you have other options to improve your bottom line. 



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