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Movie Studios are Murdering my 80s Movies

Did you know that 2004’s The Girl Next Door starring Emile Hirsch was a “remake” of 1983’s Risky Business starring Tom Cruise? Not a lot of people know that. You know why?  Because it was subtle and that’s why I love that movie. I think the only thread that connects them is the song “Love on a Real Train”. That’s my kind of remake!



All of a sudden 80s movies are coming back and I thought it was o.k. in the beginning, but then there was a sharp turning point. I was slightly annoyed that they’re remaking Ghostbusters, but I was like – “Hey, let’s give it whirl”. It wasn’t until I sat to rewatch all of the Star Wars movies before going to see Force Awakens that I saw it. It was in Star Wars, Episode IV (Remastered) that I almost came out of my seat, I couldn’t believe it - Jabba the Hutt looked like a CGI nightmare! It was crystal clear to me that was an animated cartoon next to Harrison Ford. And that was IT for me, my patience had run out.

I love technology as much as the next guy, but I think it can overstep its boundaries. Do we really need to remake everything? And my guess is it’s not because we’re running out of plot lines, I think it’s because studios have different technology so they bring back a modern version of a beloved movie for young audiences and diehard fans like me. Thanks, I really appreciate it, I do. But stop tinkering, there are some movies you have to leave alone.

Here’s are a list of 80s movies that are going to get remade here soon:

1.       Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (Starring Justin Bieber, NOOOOO!!!)

2.       Flight of the Navigator

3.       The NeverEnding Story

4.       Ghostbusters

5.       Wargames

6.       Predator

7.       Overboard

8.       Police Academy

And if anyone even thinks to say they’re remaking Breakfast Club, Valley Girl or Sixteen Candles I’ll lose my mind.

What do you think? Is this a good thing or are you against it?


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