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Making High-Density Colocation Make Sense

At the most general level, density is the key factor that determines the capacity of a data center facility. Essentially high-density DCs are able to handle more servers in the same amount of physical facility space. A high-density data center supports cabinets that each consume more than 10 kW, or 150 W per square foot. While high-density cabinets consume more power and cooling, less square footage is needed to handle the workload, making the total data center more efficient. Therefore, colocation to a high-density data center allows a business to keep up with growing computing performance demands while managing costs.

The bottom line is, high-density colocation makes financial sense when savings on real estate and operational costs outweigh the expense of high-density racks. So, is high-density the right answer for you?

VAZATA colocation services fit your unique business needs. First, we help you determine whether high-density is the best answer for your IT infrastructure’s specific characteristics, then we make it easy to add capacity as needed over time.

High-density data centers ensure ample power and space that allow you to evolve your managed hosting or hybrid hosting while maintaining data and application security, continuity, and performance.

High-density data centers should be Tier III and IV compliant facilities that have earned LEED Silver, Gold or other higher efficiency certifications.

One hundred percent availability should be written into the colocation provider’s service level agreement for power, environmental, and multi-homed internet connectivity, and they should have a 24x7x365 Network Operations Center. Keycard and biometric access, and closed-circuit TV to the data center are all mandatory features. A high-density facility should prevent facility-caused downtime through world-class HVAC, UPS's, PDU's, generators, fuel systems, transfer switches, electrical infrastructure, room monitoring and safety systems.

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