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Looking at Managed Services? Keep Your Eye on Security

Managed Services is defined as the proactive management of information technology assets and resources by a highly qualified, expert third party team. That team’s job is to take on the burden of tasks such as upgrading, patching, monitoring and managing enterprise applications. Moving to a managed services cloud computing solution lets a company focus on its core business instead of day-to-day IT operations. 

Naturally, the initial appeal often revolves around optimizing hardware and infrastructure support costs in order to pay for only the exact resources used…but the hallmark of an outstanding managed services offering concerns making security a vital part of the picture. 

Elite managed services providers (MSPs) go beyond simply creating cloud computing environments. They deliver hosting, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and cloud managed services that start with designing, installing, and moving mission critical applications into a virtualized environment, but go further to include world-class back-up and disaster recovery, storage capacity, and monitoring. As partners in their clients’ success, they use only proven, enterprise-quality hardware and virtualization platforms—infrastructure and equipment chosen to fit the client workload, rather than the other way around. 

From a performance and availability standpoint, a high-end managed services offering must be implemented on a highly agile platform that can scale up or down quickly to keep pace with client needs. One-hundred-percent service level agreements for network, hypervisor and storage layers are matched by 24 X 7 monitoring with automated alerts, personalized response and customized resolution plans. The managed services staff is able to quickly assess unexpected issues as they arise, alert the client, and resolve emergencies if appropriate. 

Top MSPs understand client business needs and contribute a deep expertise in infrastructure management and professional services. They proactively assess how IT can enable a nimble and efficient business, recommend innovative solutions, and execute the operations necessary to ensure success with skill and good judgment.

But most crucially, the features, flexibility, and cost effectiveness of cloud computing must be delivered in an environment of iron-clad protection for systems and data. This is a unique strength Vazata offers customers. We believe that in addition to flexible computing performance and storage capacity, managed solutions must deliver a level of security and compliance that exceeds what clients could achieve for themselves. We insist on providing ample proof of our ability to meet all relevant regulatory requirements for clients now and in the future.

It is a fact of life that the current dramatic increase in cybersecurity threats has magnified the skills gap in today’s IT labor force. For many companies, business success is linked to finding a managed services provider that is also a trusted expert and advisor. The perfect MSP can protect client environments as well as its own internal systems, networks and endpoints, and excels at remediation in addition to monitoring and detection. As one MSP CEO puts it, “Cybersecurity specialists are not only difficult to find in the market, they’re extremely expensive. [While] software solutions and tools will continue to evolve, there will always be a need for human resources who can effectively monitor, manage and maintain applications [securely]. An effective backup and disaster recovery solution can act as the final line of defense when a cybersecurity attack is carried out and the stakes are high.”

When you formulate your managed services strategy, take it from us and keep the focus on security as much as cost savings. Both provide returns on investment that are crucial to building a long-term business advantage.


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