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Creating A BCDR Plan That Adequately Backs Up Both Data AND Your Office Operations

A Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery (BCDR) strategy is an insurance policy you write for yourself to protect against potential catastrophes that may endanger your ability to operate and accomplish critical missions. If your business comes face-to-face with technological failures, cyberattacks, extreme weather, or some other disaster, it’s vital to expedite data recovery, minimize downtime, and re-establish secure network operations. Your disaster recovery plan should be insightfully defined, rigorously tested, and regularly practiced to prepare everyone to perform their roles with confidence should trouble occur.

When putting together your recovery plan, the goal is to create an affordable safety net of dedicated workspace at a business-class facility with redundant connectivity and 24/7 data access. This comprehensive package of resources should temporary office space with dedicated work spaces, dynamic key-card access, utilities, high-speed Internet, conference and break rooms, business center resources, and enough storage to keep your business running smoothly.

A VAZATA Operations Center for Business Continuity (vOCBC) provides all of this, with 1 TB of virtual storage for up to 5 servers, and additional server licenses available.

Three BCDR success tips to keep in mind:

1. Make sure your management team is educated about the wide range of threats that can derail business operations. Consult a knowledgeable infrastructure provider to help set up an effective solution for backing up and copying your data to a secure offsite data center. 

2. Trust is all-important. Do the research to find a partner you know you can trust with your data, one that offers a dedicated DR facility with business-class connectivity as mentioned above and expert data center technical support.

3. If you have a large business operation with a BCDR strategy in place, reassess! It’s important NOT to assume your status quo is the best solution for your evolving business. There may well be a better alternative that delivers more cost-effective infrastructure, backup and recovery capabilities. 

The bottom line:

A colocation provider that can be a focused business partner will automatically conduct a rigorous, in-depth technical assessment to determine the requirements for your optimal BDCR strategy, including recovery time objectives, maximum tolerable downtime, and more. 

For our clients, VAZATA does the research, then prescribes a backup approach and recovery regime that best meets each customer’s specific needs. Many factors, from server technology to data center location and many others, shape the details of your optimal BCDR “insurance policy,” one that mitigates your unique risk while minimizing the cost and impact of any disruption to future business operations.

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