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A Smooth Road to Faster, Affordable Disaster Recovery

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Companies of all sizes are striving to reduce the time it takes to recover in the event of a disaster. That’s not surprising, given two factors: in 2017 over 50% of workloads will be critical workloads, and 84 percent of CIOs say they have an average recovery time of three hours or more. For companies that rely on access to critical systems to maintain business operations, a robust Backup and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan can be a make-or-break necessity. But until recently the planning, implementing and testing of Disaster Recovery plans has proved too costly or complicated for many companies.

The good news is that by setting up your IaaS solution with the right back-up and replication capabilities you can dramatically reduce average recovery time—to as little as fifteen minutes or less.

At VAZATA, we have years of experience helping companies design and implement Disaster Recovery plans that meet their often mandated requirements for Return to Operations (RTO) time—in some cases, under fifteen minutes. Our managed solutions let managers focus on the things that create revenue for the company, rather than backups and DR replication. (Note that only 34% of small businesses actually test their DR plan, so we conduct yearly DR tests for our customers to ensure their plans work as intended.)

How do we achieve a significantly faster, more affordable disaster recovery capability for clients? One key factor is our partnership with VEEAM, a respected leader in the BCDR arena. We use VEEAM Cloud Connect to provide our customers offsite backup and remote image replication at a fraction of the cost of traditional Disaster Recovery Options. VEEAM tools allow our customers to manage most parts of their Backups, Disaster Recovery and failover from a centralized console. Working at the hypervisor level, VEEAM allows for block level changes to be tracked and replicated to an offsite location as often as every 15 minutes. As a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) using a VEEAM Cloud Connect infrastructure, VAZATA eliminates the need for our clients to purchase and maintain a second site. 

Want to learn more about how you can create a fast and affordable BCDR capability that contributes directly to your bottom-line business success? VAZATA has over 17 years’ experience in security and compliant minded services such as colocation hosting at our Tier 3 data centers, managed Backup and Disaster Recovery services, multitenant cloud hosting, and dedicated virtual environments for customers requiring a greater level of security or control.  

Let’s discuss your specific situation and create a world-class BCDR plan that’s right for your business.


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